Dr. Whittemore’s House

Trenham O - LabelsThis photograph shows the “Residence of Dr. Whittemore” from 1876. The home was built in 1870 on lots 6 & 7 of block 35 – where Ridgewood Villa is today.


Site of the Whittemore house today – Ridgewood Villa.

According to J.G. Whittemore in 1940: Dr. Whittemore is on the porch, Gooch is in the Kitchen doorway and Mrs. Whittemore and one of the girls are standing in the window. Behind the small fence in the background is Glenwood’s first cemetery.

Dr. James Gooch Whittemore was born in Main, lost his parents as a young boy, came west and studied medicine with Dr. Potts in Castle Rock, MN, then enlisted in the 8th Minnesota Regiment in the Civil War. His regiment was sent to fight in the 1862 Dakota War. In 1865, he was made 2nd Lieutenant of the 118th US Colored Infantry. He came to Pope County in 1865, taking a homestead in Grove Lake Township and practiced medicine. In 1872, he turned the farm over to his brother-in-law and moved to the village of Glenwood.

Dr. Whittemore

Dr. Whittemore

In Glenwood, he practiced medicine, owned a store carrying general merchandise and drugs, owned the bank, represented the area in the State Legislature and State Sentate, and was very influential in securing the building of the Little Fall & Dakota Railroad through Pope County, serving as the Railroad’s first president.  Sadly, Dr. Whittemore died of heart failure at the age of 44, in 1882, just as the railroad was reaching Pope County. Trenham o

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2 Responses to Dr. Whittemore’s House

  1. harold rippe says:

    IF that location is same lot and bldg that Bill Scott owned in 1955 (next door south was Dr. Lees clinic, My Wife and I rented lst floor when we moved to Glenwood in 1956

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