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Earliest Glenwood Photographs

In 1853, Isaac Stevens conducted an expedition for the Northern Pacific Railway. He wrote the following in his journal and the attached sketch has survived: June 22. – My party broke camp about 6 a.m.  The first obstruction we met … Continue reading

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The Babies Hatched!

For the past several weeks, we have been watching a pair of Killdeer and their nest with 4 eggs. The speckled eggs matched the stones on the ground almost exactly. The nest is hard to spot, even when you know … Continue reading

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Even Earlier Glenwood photos

This image of Glenwood was found in the box with the Trenham photos. As I was researching the other images, I assumed this one was also from 1876. I was feeling pretty smart and able to identify the buildings. But, … Continue reading

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Peacock’s House

This week’s photo is “Residence of Joseph Peacock” from 1876, and it is the final photograph in the Trenham Collection. Joseph Peacock was the County Sheriff. According to the G.C. Torguson in the Historical Survey, the house was located on lot … Continue reading

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Night Games

Hometown baseball on a lighted field dates back to 1949 in Glenwood!  The James E. Barsness Field was built across from the City Beach where the Pope County Museum and Totem Pole now stand.  It included bermed grandstand seating and … Continue reading

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A.C. Lathrop’s House

The next photo in the series of Glenwood Photographs taken in 1876 by N.J. Trenham, is the “Rev. A.C. Lathrop Residence”. It stood kitty-corner from where Phil Stumpf’s office is today. According to James C. Whittemore in 1940, “This house belonged … Continue reading

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School in the School House

Today, one of the second grade classes from Minnewaska Area Elementary came in to spend the morning with us. After a tour though the museum comparing life today to life in the past, we headed out to the school house … Continue reading

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