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The Pope County Museum is located in Glenwood, Minnesota on the shores of Lake Minnewaska. Operated by the Pope County Historical Society, it is open year round.

Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

(Donations encouraged)

Suggested Donations:
Adult – $5
Student $3
Child (age 6-12) – $1
5 and under – free

Research fee: $10
Staff Research: $20/hr

Annual – individual – $20.00
Annual  – family (Parents & children 18 & under) – $40.00
Lifetime – individual – $125.00
Membership entitles you to free research assistance, admission to the museum, events. You’ll also receive our newsletter and good karma for supporting our mission.

The mission of the Pope County Historical Society is to foster among people an awareness of Pope County History so that they may draw strength and perspective from the past and find purpose for the future.

809 South Lakeshore Drive
Glenwood, MN 56334

When you come into Glenwood, you will find the only set of stoplights in the county. Head south from the stoplights on Highway 104 / South Franklin Street, drive  past the hospital and along the lake. We are on the left side of the road, just past the swimming beach.

You can send us an e-mail by using the box below.

13 Responses to Visitor & Contact information

  1. Teresa S Earl says:

    Dear Museum,

    I will be coming up on the July 2nd. I will stop in at that time. I am just wondering since it has been years since I have been to the museum and I have never done research. How is your information set up. Is anything asscessible by a database or on PDF or Digital Files. I am especially interested in the Whittemore, McNutt, McLean, Fosmark and Strandness lines, as I am a great grand-daughter of James and Nellie Whittemore.

    I have been retyping a bunch of the copies of the information that J. G. Whittemore and the WPA project retyped so that I can have it digitally. I have noticed some discrepancies/errors in them as well and was wondering how to get the information corrected.

    How much each are copies?

    • popecountymuseum says:

      The Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 – 5, including July 2 and 3. Most of our information is on paper, indexed by family name. Some of our photo collection is available digitally through We will be happy to acquaint you with our archives when you stop by.
      The discrepancies in the WPA transcriptions can be verified / corrected by the source material in our collection. We are impressed with the typing abilities of J.G. Whittemore and the others who typed those transcriptions in triplicate with carbon paper on manual typewriters.
      PCHS has a research fee of $5 or a $10 annual membership for access to the research room. A copier is available and we ask a contribution for copies.
      See you in July!

  2. D Collette says:

    Your home page mentioned a boy Roy C Anderson for WWII. I believe this was my great grandmothers youngest son. I am planning to come up to pope county Friday 7-9-10 and will stop by.

  3. Jackie says:

    You have a wonderful museum and staff! Keep up the good work and we hope you received the donations needed to keep history alive in your area!!!

  4. Jerry Martinek says:

    Do you have any idea who has possession of the negatives from earlier photography studios in Glenwood, such as Vernon Studio, and Gordon’s studio. Not sure what photographers would pre-date that. I’m curious if it is possible to get prints from whomever has possession, or if the negatives are for sale.


    • popecountymuseum says:

      Jerry, I have looked into this myself in the past and really got no where – at least with Vernon Studio. We went so far as to ask our current downtown photographer, Lane Studio, about his plan for past work. Now in the digital age, he does very limited archiving of his work. We urged him to start as his work will be valuable to researchers many years from now. We have put out the word for even earlier photographers and their negatives but no results so far. A couple of amateur photographers’ glass negatives have come to us and been great stuff, so maybe these things are out there yet.
      As for Vernon Studio in particular, I was told that any saved work was consolidated to the Fergus Falls location.
      Hope that helps,

  5. Jennifer says:

    I am doing research on my Great Grandma. I was wondering if there was a way I could find out if Teigens were from the area or if I am looking in the wrong area? Thanks for any information you could pass along. I do plan on visiting your location in the near future.

    • popecountymuseum says:

      We do have information on Teigens in our archives and collection. In fact, we have a complete WWII Coast Guard uniform worn my Mary Teigen as well as other artifacts connected to the Teigen family. To do further research, we would need to know the first names of the people you are looking for to make sure we have the right family. You can e-mail us with specific questions at or come on in and we’ll walk you through all our resources. I think you will be pleased with what we have here in the archives and collection.
      Hope to see you soon!

  6. Adena Mooers says:

    Does anyone there have any idea how I might find the location of the Lerdahl Family Homestead? I have a photo but no address

    • popecountymuseum says:

      We have several resources to help you here at the museum: Plat books, tax records and family files. Stop by if you can. We offer e-research as well. We’ll need more details – full name and dates – to get started.


    I am planning a visit…probably in August 2011. Are there any days in August that you are closed?

    Am interested in Casper Gorder, his wife & parents., of Starbuck, MN. Wife was Marie Troen…taught school.

    … and anything you might have about the land they owned in Starbuck… a farm+ land in the town. (Casper bought farm from father…Ole Jakob)

    Am wondering if Marie’s parents (Troen) or grandparents (Hatling) were wealthy, as Marie & Casper had such expensive wedding gifts and photos. (She died at age 37, a few months after childbirth. Casper never remarried).

    Would you be interested in a scan of her wedding photo for your records? Marie and Casper were married in 1912, I think.

    I also have portraits of the 2 children taken a year or more after Marie’s death…& am curious as to who would have had portraits taken, as it seems something a mother would do, not a father.

    Marie and Casper are my grandparents.

    • Ann says:

      Hi Annette!
      We’ll look forward to your visit in August.
      We are closed on Sundays and Mondays – otherwise were are here 10-5.
      We have extensive land records and tax records here that we can pull out for you when you arrive. The tax assessment books will give you a good idea of any person’s wealth as they were taxed on possessions rather than income in the early days.
      A scan of the wedding photo would be great!

      See you soon!


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