Cemetery Tour


Monument of George & Esther Rue, early founders of Glenwood.

The year-long series of events celebrating 150 years since the founding of Glenwood continues today! Join me at 2:00 at the Glenwood Cemetery for a visit with the founders. We’ll walk through part of the cemetery to share brief stories of some of the people who shaped Glenwood and set the path for the future they envisioned for us.

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We ARE Open

Despite the big hole in the road between us and town, we are open. You just have to approach from the south.

Locals…cut through Barsness Park.
Out of town visitors, follow the detour signs for Highway 104.

Or call for directions 320-634-3293

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Museum reduced hours

Due to rare scheduling conflicts, the Pope County Museum will be
closed on Thursday, September 22.
It will be open only from 10-12 on Friday the 23rd.
Normal hours will resume on Saturday the 24th.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

The Pope County Museum’s usual hours are 10-5 Tuesday – Saturday.

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Class of 1923 – I know you!


The Pope County Historical Society received a donation from the Savre family. The main gift was a beautiful wedding dress worn by 2 generations of brides. That is a story for another day.

What I want to share with you is a photograph that came in with dress. This is Glenwood High School class of 1923, taken when they were freshmen, so probably in 1920. (Valborg Savre, one of the brides to wear the dress, is a member of this class.)

I am sitting at my computer cataloging the image into our museum database. Everyone in this image is labeled, so I have lots of names to enter.

What strikes me most as I type in the names, is how many names I recognize. I am 44 years old, these people would be about 107 if they were still living. I have never met any of them personally. Yet, after working at the museum for 10 years, I “know” many of them. It is fun to see them as young people.

I will introduce you to a few of my friends in the class of 1923:
Agnes Hovde put together the toy exhibit in the museum when it opened in 1966. Most of the dolls in our collection belonged to her.
Donald Fralick enlisted in the Army to fight in the Spanish American War. He was sent to a camp in Georgia under very poor conditions. Although he didn’t see action, he was brave enough to enlist and suffered hardship during his service. Upon return, he worked for the Soo Line Railroad and was active in city government.
Charles Royster was brother to William, the man who created the Railroad pension system, upon which our modern Social Security System is based.
Faun Hommen is in pictures already in our collection of children in front of a country school.
Lucille Berry and Elsie Toombs are sitting next to each other. Their families are linked by marriage and were the proprietors of Berry and Toombs Furniture and Undertaking in Glenwood.
Gilman Gandrud and Sophus Hafstad are ancestors to my schoolmates. Jean Elsey and Walter Finden are ancestors (or a great aunt) to my parents’ classmates.
Other surnames are very familiar, even if I don’t know the individual without looking up his or her file: Grove, Barsness, Lybeck, Ronnig, Dougherty, Christilaw, Quist, Squire, and Peacock are long standing Pope County names.

I know that if I actually started pulling out family files and researching the individuals, I would find many stories about these 55 young people and where their lives led them. But that will have to wait for another day – I have more photographs and artifacts to process today.

Feel free to stop in to see what’s new in the collection and discover what we have on YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

If you are really curious, these are all the people in the photograph:

Barlow, Mabel
Barsness, Lila
Berry, Lucille
Christilaw, Chester
Councilman, Clarence
Councilman, Lara
Davidson, Sidney
Davis, Nora
Dobbin, Wallace
Dougherty, James
Eastman, Lubelle
Elsey, Jean
Finden, Walter
Fischer, Orrel
Foote, Maynard
Fralick, Donald
Gandrud, Gilman
Grove, Hazel
Haberman, Elenora
Hafstad, Sophus
Haltorson, Harry
Hammond, Stephen
Hammond, Willard
Hanson, Adah
Homman, Faun
Hovde, Agnes
Jenkinson, Annis
Johnson, Vernon
Johnson, Viola
Jordan, Lloyd
Jorgenson, Iver
Kohler, Albert
Larson, Leonard
Lubeck, Richard
McLean, Hector
Milsten, Gilbert
Morck, Viola
Nelson, Katherine
Norris, Edmond
Olson, Clifford
Padden, Walter
Pederson, Grant
Peterson, Stanton
Quist, Orning
Ronning, Ruth
Rowe, Edgar
Royster, Charles
Sansness, Ellen
Savre, Valborg
Smith, Ruth
Squires, Charles
Strand, Julia
Susag, Florence
Toombs, Elsie
Turner, Alice
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Cabin Repairs – Day 8

Work continued over the weekend, but I didn’t capture it on film.

Today is the last day with the work crew and it is amazing what they accomplished in a week.

Cabin Repair - Day 8 002Cabin Repair - Day 8 004

Cabin Repair - Day 8 005

Still working on the windows

Cabin Repair - Day 8 015

Adding a few new shingles and a new ridge line to the roof.

The Torguson cabin is looking good too.

And… the “after” pictures just before the crew left.

Day 8 set 2 003

One window on the “Courthouse” cabin finished.

Day 8 set 2 008

Two windows on the Torguson cabin finished.

We will finish the last two windows on the Courthouse cabin, stain the new logs and add water seal.

Day 8 set 2 010

Thanks for a great week!!

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Cabin Repairs – Day 5

Cabin Repair - Day 5 001

The final caulking is being applied to the Courthouse cabin.

Cabin Repair - Day 5 003

The log replacements are complete.

Cabin Repair - Day 5 004

They even practiced splicing two logs together.

Cabin Repair - Day 5 005

The second coat of chinking is being applied to the North side of the Torguson Cabin.

Cabin Repair - Day 5 006

While the South side is being prepped with metal strips to hold the first layer of mortar / chinking.

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Cabin Repairs – Day 4

Cabin Repairs Day 4 001

Cleaned out areas are filled in with putty.

Cabin Repairs Day 4 002

The spaces between the logs are filled with foam strips.

Cabin Repairs Day 4 006.JPG

The foam strips are sealed with “log jam” caulking.

Cabin Repairs Day 4 005

Progressing to the far side of the cabin.

Cabin Repairs Day 4 015

Young workers are learning preservation skills from log cabin veterans.

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