Thank you, Courtney

CourtneyOur high school intern Courtney Grammentz created a new exhibit here at the museum in honor of the 100th Anniversary of America’s entry into World War I.

We are impressed with her work. She completed all the research, selected the artifacts, painted the text, and wrote the labels and signage.

Please stop in and see the exhibit.
Thank you, Courtney, for all your work this year!


You can read about Pope County’s involvement in the Great War in future posts.

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Renovation Update

The storage system is installed and filled with artifacts. Now I need to tell the collection database where each item lives. That is the very last step in the storage project.

Now our attention is focused on constructing new exhibits. Since we had to move everything around to make room for the construction of the storage system, we decided it was a great time to update the exhibits as well.

The front half of the museum and all the historic buildings will be open to the public this summer, but the new exhibits will be under construction a bit longer.

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School Tour Season

We are taking a break from the remodeling project to host school tours. The last few weeks of the school year brings us hundreds of children from surrounding communities.

We appreciate energy and enthusiasm of our young visitors and look forward to this time of year.

With the renovations in part of the gallery, we did some demonstrations in the meeting room and had the second graders try their hand at spinning yarn on a spindle.

The outside buildings are popular with the students. In these photos, the Minnewaska Kindergartners imagine what it would be like to be in the same classroom with their older siblings.

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Day Trip to MN History Center

* Saturday May 6, Free Tour to St. Paul *

The Glenwood Public Library is taking a trip!  This FREE bus tour on Saturday, May 6, leaves Glenwood promptly at 8:00 AM for a day at the Minnesota History Center.  There is NO COST for this tour.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis.  Register for the trip at the Glenwood Public Library or with a call to 320-634-3375.

The feature of the day is the new “THEN, NOW, WOW!” exhibit at the History Center.  You may also enjoy more exhibits like World War 1 America, The Greatest Generation, Weather Permitting, Penumbra Theater, Grainland and Open House: If These Walls Could Talk.

This is a great opportunity to get your “history fix” while we completely change up the exhibits at the Pope County Museum.  We’re on schedule to open up again by May 15.  An open house is in the works for later in June.

The Bus will be back in Glenwood at 5:30 pm.  This Free Bus Tour is sponsored by the Glenwood Public Library and Viking Library System with funds from Minnesota’s Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

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Time Lapse Footage

Here is a great video of the entire museum transformation with the installation of the new storage system. 

Thanks, Brent Gulsvig, for all your work recording and producing this video.

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Done! (Mostly)

We are awaiting a few missing parts (such as the garment bars) but the installation crew has left and we get to start the fun job of putting everything away and building the new exhibit spaces.


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Getting closer

The shelves and drawers are appearing.


It’s a good thing we have a rolling staircase so I can reach the upper shelves!

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