“Found in Collection”

“Found in Collection” (FIC) is a common museum term. It is exactly what it sounds like – an item found in the collection with no proper documentation. Museums large and small deal with FIC objects.

As of today, the Pope County Museum has 1337 objects classified as FIC. I am working my way through this list to connect objects to their records whenever possible.

Some of the objects were properly cataloged when they arrived, but the object was never numbered or the number/tag on the object is missing. Those objects are relatively easy to sort out. I have all the official, numbered donation records entered into a database and can search by keyword.

1989.2402aBy searching for “Tractor” in the donation records, I was able to find records for the Hart-Parr tractor donated by Ole N. Barsness.  Once I had the donor name, it was easy to find more records to attach to the file, such as newspaper images of the tractor and Model T truck arriving at the museum.

Other times, there are clues attached to the object that can help us match it to the proper records. For example, there is a FIC shotgun in the museum that has a mailing label with the name Wilbur  Amspoker attached. I found an official record for Wilbur Amspoker donating a shotgungun, and am adding a proper museum label to the gun so that it will be permanently connected to its donation record.

2017-12-19 9Unfortunately, many of the FIC objects have no proper donation records. Some items are complete orphans, such as the grain binder in the log building. There are 2 grain binders at the museum and I only have paperwork for one.

If anyone out there knows who donated the second grain binder, please let me know. (The other is from Ole Jordahl.)  It saddens me when we can’t connect objects with their histories. – Ann

The problem of no records at all is an especially common problem for large objects. For many years, the job of recording donations and numbering artifacts fell to a dedicated group of volunteers who met once a month. It appears that the volunteers focused on smaller objects inside the museum rather than large items that were set outside or into the large storage building. They may not even have been made aware of the large, unprocessed artifacts outside.

When I find unnumbered items in the museum, I assign a temporary or FIC number until I can reunite it with its original donation number, or begin a new donation record. For items like the grain binder above where there is no donation record, the Collection Committee must decide if the artifact should officially be accepted into the collection.

xx.0665yFor many of these objects, the answer is a resounding “YES.” Yes, we should make it official that the Lowry Fire Engine is in our collection. Yes, the Soo Line signal light belongs in the collection. At our next Collection Committee meeting, we will formally and officially accept these and many other items into the collection and assign them a unique artifact number and donation record. Even if the new donation record states that the was FIC, I will record when it was first discovered in the collection and include as much information as possible about where it came from.

It is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job when I can connect artifacts to records. Connecting objects to their history is what makes our collection valuable for researchers and visitors.


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Log Building Emptying

Our dream of building a new Agricultural Building is getting closer.

The current structure is unstable and has not been open to the public for many years. It needs to be replaced. Our current board is taking steps to make a new exhibit building a reality. They are organizing a fundraising campaign and finalizing building plans. (Please consider contributing to the building fund.)

Today, there is a team working to empty the building to prepare for demolition later this spring. It is fun to see how quickly the packed building empties out.

2017-12-19 2

The Log Building was packed with artifacts.

2017-12-19 3

You can see the gaps in the logs in the back wall. Building replacement is an imminent need.

2018-1-20 8

We may be able to host a barn dance yet!

2018-1-20 1

Artifacts will temporarily reside in a secure shipping container.

Some of the larger items will remain in the building until just before demolition, but it is a relief to have so many of the smaller items tucked away in a safe location until we have a new, structurally sound building.


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The Legacy of Paring Down the Collection

Musings by Ann Grandy – Collection Manager

I am feeling somewhat philosophical these days.

I recently had a visitor ask me if I was in charge of the museum. My first answer was that Merlin is the executive director, but I am in charge of the collection. I then refined my answer to say that I am the current caretaker of the collection.

I am aware that my time here at the Pope County Museum is temporary. There were several caretakers who came before me, and hopefully there will be many after me. I know that my day to day decisions will impact the future of our institution – for better or for worse. I do the best that I can, with the knowledge I have, yet I wonder if future collection managers will praise or curse my legacy. Probably a little of both.

The Pope County Historical Society started collecting artifacts in the 1930s. Items related to the early pioneers were put on display in the Pope County Courthouse. The Works Progress Administration funded newspaper cataloging and the collection of pioneer biographies. These early archives are still the heart of our library. They are absolute treasures.

The early artifacts are interesting too, but present a bit of a challenge. The earliest items were not cataloged to today’s standards. There is often just a pink index card with a donor name and the briefest description such as “spinning wheel” or “musket”. The cards are numbered, but there are no corresponding numbers on the artifacts. Had the person typing the card added any detail about the item, such as if it was painted blue or had any markings carved on the side, it would make matching the card to the item so much easier for me.

Some of the cards note that the artifact is with us on loan. That is another issue altogether. Dealing with old loans made by people no longer living is a legally complicated matter.  As a result, I no longer accept loans for anything other than a very temporary exhibit, and I leave the existing loans as they are… hanging out here in our collection.

In 1966, the Historical Society built the current museum and instituted a modern artifact numbering system. The best practices that were in use in 1966 are the same as they are today. I have been blessed to inherit a collection that is (for the most part) well-ordered in comparison to many other small historical museums.

Most of the objects are physically numbered. The number corresponds to their donation paperwork and a subject card with a description of the item. 015Unfortunately, of the approximately 12,000 three-dimensional objects in the collection, I have found at least 1,400 that are not numbered. I have no record of who donated these items or why they are important to Pope County history. I know that SOMEONE brought in these mystery items for a reason and that they somehow just didn’t get numbered.  I am doing my best to work through the paperwork that is missing artifacts and the artifacts missing paperwork to see if I can make any connections. I am sometimes successful. I’ll be honest – I do a little happy dance when I can positively connect an artifact to its story. I hope that my detective work will be a blessing to future collection managers.

In addition to the un-numbered artifacts, my other challenge is the sheer volume of the collection. We now have a robust collection policy that focuses on items that will illustrate Pope County history and discourages us from accepting duplicate or poor quality items. In the past, my predecessors simply accepted anything offered. As a result, we have more objects than we can reasonably store or care for.

The indiscriminate acceptance policy has saddled us with a collection well beyond what we can care for. There are many duplicate items. For example, we have 23 trunks, 35 pair of eyeglasses, even 3 full sets of optometrist lens kits. Until last week, we had 5 wicker baby buggies. In the case of buggies and trunks, the items take up a huge amount of space and even the smaller items such as eyeglasses are more than we need to tell Pope County stories.

The large log building on our campus has become a catch-all for duplicate or large items. As an un-heated building, it is a terrible place to store artifacts.008 The constant change in temperature and humidity, the mice and the dust shorten the lifespan of any artifact left in that building. Items such as tractors can tolerate those conditions better than all wood pieces. Some of the items could move inside, but only if I pare down the duplicate/poor quality items inside the main building.  Unless we plan to build a new, climate controlled storage building, paring down the collection is the only answer. The current board of directors is planning to rebuild our log building into a better exhibit/outdoor storage space. This is exciting news, but also daunting. The building needs to be empty before demolition/construction. It does not make sense to move duplicate/poor quality items into rented storage space for the duration of the construction project, especially if they are items we won’t be using in the new exhibits. The pressure is on to go through the collection sooner than later and determine what to keep and what to remove.

Our collection policy helps guide me (and the collection committee and board of directors) through the process of removing an item from the collection. But it still isn’t an easy process.

It starts with me. (No pressure, right?!?) I select an item that I feel does not belong in our collection. It may be a duplicate, or poor quality (broken items have been accepted into the collection), or not have a relevant Pope County connection, or simply be too large to properly store and care for. Using the above examples of 5 baby buggies and 23 trunks: Paring down the baby buggies was relatively easy, since only 2 have Pope County stories connected to them the remaining 3 were sold at an on-site auction. But… what about the 23 trunks? We certainly do not need 23 trunks to tell the story of immigration to Pope County, and they take up a huge amount of space. 10 of them have no story that I have been able to connect, so we can reduce the number by almost half. But it is still emotionally difficult to pare down objects that represent a person’s life-changing experience of leaving their home forever to move to the other side of the world.

I bring each item before our Collection Committee and explain why I feel it should be removed from the collection. If they agree with my recommendation, the item goes before the board of directors. If the board votes to remove the item from the collection, it is officially “Deaccessioned” and the real work begins.

For each deaccessioned item, I need to try to locate the original donor to see if he or she would like to take the item back. If I am unsuccessful, I contact other museums to see if the item is a good fit for their collections. We assume that the original donor would like to item to be available for display or research and do our best to find proper museum homes for the items.

If that does not work, we offer items for public auction. This is a tricky step. We want the public to know and to understand what it is we are doing with the treasures entrusted into our care and why we are doing it. At the same time, we need to make certain that people don’t think that we are just auctioning off antiques to make money. We want everyone to know that we really DO care for our treasures. The decision to remove an item is not made on its potential monetary value. Any money that we do make on the

auction goes directly back into the care of the collection – not for raises for the staff or for new construction projects. When I show people 5 cradle scythes or 20 typewriters, they understand why we need to refine the collection and remove duplicates, but rumors of mismanagement could do irreparable harm to our reputation.

9-1 108

In addition to the physically removing and object, I also must keep records of the entire process for each and every object. Why it was removed, what steps I took to find it a new home, and where it went. This information, along with a photograph, is retained in paper and electronic form. If anyone comes to the museum to see an item that has been deaccessioned, the museum will have a record explaining the entire processes.

I hope that I am making the right decisions to refine our collection so that we can properly store, care for and exhibit the fine artifacts we have; that the artifacts we keep will be the right ones to help us illustrate Pope County history. I am doing the best that I can with the knowledge I have, yet I am sure that I will make some mistakes along they way that will be cursed by future museum staff and/or researchers. I just hope that the legacy I leave from my time as temporary caretaker of the collection will be a net benefit to future staff and researchers.


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Thank you to everyone who made our Open House and Silent Auction a success!

We had a HUGE turnout on Saturday and all week long. This was our most successful auction yet – raising $8,000!

We appreciate everyone who donated, bid, sponsored advertising, baked & served goodies and just stopped by to see what is new at the museum.

We are blessed to have such great community support.

American Diversity
Counselor Realty
Dental Health Services
DyCast Specialties
Eagle Insurance Agency
First Rate Glass
Glenwood Lions Club
Kar Kraft
Lowry Insurance
Lowry State Bank
Minnewaska Kayaks
Pfeninger Trucking
Prairie Lakes Co-op
Strecker Agency
Studio E Architects, LLC
A & W Lane Studio
Ace Hardware Margaret Claeson
Affordable Floor Covering Margaret Kettells
Alexandria Area Arts Association Marion Pladson
American Solutions for Business Marthaler Chevrolet
Amie Stark – Thirty-one Gifts Mary Smith
Andes Tower Hills Meco7 / Valley Troll
Ann Grandy Midwest Machinery
Beth Snider Minette Johnson
BK Towing Minnesota Timberwolves
Bob and Nancy Gandrud Minnesota Vikings
Bobbers Marine Minnewaska Bait & Tackle
Bremer Bank of Starbuck Minnewaska Liquors
Brenda Flemal Minnewaska Marine
Canary Beach Resort National Farmers Union
Central Square Neil and Connie Lageson
Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company North Shore Store
Cinema 9 North Shore Store
Creative Images Hair Salon & Spa Office Bar
Custom Comfort Beds Palmer Creations
D. Michael B.’s Papa Murphy’s Take N Bake Pizza
Dave & JoAnne Peterson Pauline Opdahl
David and Dawn Thompson Peters Sunset Beach & Golf Course
Deanna Cooley Pope County Tribune
Donna Sandmeyer Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort
Doolittles Woodfire Grill RiverPine Christmas Trees
Dorrich Dairy Robert Greenfield & Richard Grella
Duffy’s Roadhouse Rolling Forks Vinyard
Eagle Bank Rose Evenson
EcoWater Samuelson Drug Store
Eunice Peterson Shopko
Gail Larson Sid Stivland
Glacial Ridge Health Systems Starbuck Meats & Locker
Glacial Ridge Wellness Center Starbuck Telephone Company
Glenwood Fleet Supply Stoen’s Hydrostatic Service Inc.
Grand Casino Mille Lacs Target
Grog Shop employees Tastefully Simple
Gulsvig Productions Terri Elsey
Hair Mix The Boulder Tap House
Isdahl Hardware The Emporium
Jan Caldwell The Pastry Shoppe, Inc.
Johnson Chiropractic and Sports Timothy’s Carpet & Air Care
Kadejan Tom’s Market
Karen Kirckof Villard Cenex
Lakeland Mental Health Walmart
Lakeside Water’s Edge
Wendy Zander

We are grateful to our volunteers:
Phyllis Sorensen             Mary SmitH
Gail Larson                      Donna Becker
Dave Cooley                        Bonnie Stock
David Lent                      Gloria Nichtern
Margaret Claeson            Mark Halverson
Steve Martin                   Ted Halverson
Kathy Claussen               Jim Gloege
Peggy Metz                     Todd Gylsen
Gavin Jenson                  Courtney Grammentz
GFWC Potpourri Club

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Museum Staff and Board of Directors:

Merlin Peterson – Executive Director
Ann Grandy – Collection Manager
Brent Gulsvig – Archivist

Mary Smith
Kathy Jacobs
Bob Gandrud
Mary Lisa Cochran
Neil Lageson
Elizabeth Snider
David Thompson
Gene Stark



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More Silent Auction Items

Here’s a current list of the items / baskets on the silent auction. Bidding has begun – be sure to stop in this week to check it out.

Bidding ends at 3 pm on Saturday.

Basket # Donor Title Description Value
1 Ace Hardware Winter Basket $69 Value
2 Terri Elsey Jelly Basket Wild Grape, Wild Plum & Chokecherry Jellies Priceless
3 Terri Elsey Jelly Basket Wild Grape, Wild Plum & Chokecherry Jellies Priceless
4 Terri Elsey Jelly Basket Wild Grape, Wild Plum & Chokecherry Jellies Priceless
5 Kathy Claussen Photo Printer Portable Photo Printer
6 Karen Kirckoff Assortment of Christmas Cookie Cookies will be delivered to the Museum on Saturday for the winner to take home. $20 Value
7 Karen Kirckoff Kransekake Will be delivered to the Museum on Saturday for the winner to take home from the open house $25 Value
8 EcoWater Water Basket Includes 4 bags of softener salt
9 EcoWater Water Basket Includes 4 bags of softener salt
10 Amie Stark – Thirty-one Gifts Large Utility Tote Embroidered utility tote and “Bag Bucks” $50 Value
11 Johnson Chiropractic Chiroflow pillow Adjustable water pillow $50 Value
12 Samuelson’s Drug Store Men’s Jacket XXL $48 Value
13 Samuelson’s Drug Store Women’s Jacket XL $48 Value
14 Bob Gandrud Salad Bowl Set One large and 4 small hand-turned bowls with food-safe finish. Priceless
15 Margaret Kettells Needle Point Framed vintage needle point work Priceless
16 Rose Evenson Pink Peonies Original watercolor by Rose Evenson in a pink frame. Priceless
17 Rose Evenson Abstract Orchid Original watercolor by Rose Evenson in a silver frame. Priceless
18 Rose Evenson Native American Print Number 1019 of 2000, signed by the artist Priceless
19 Rose Evenson Lilies Original unframed watercolor by Rose Evenson Priceless
20 Rose Evenson Original Oil Painting Sunset Painting Matted and plastic wrapped Priceless
21 Rose Evenson Morning Glories Original unframed watercolor by Rose Evenson Priceless
22 Rose Evenson Original Watercolor Unsigned watercolor on blue mat board Priceless
23 Rose Evenson Rose Original unframed watercolor by Rose Evenson Priceless
24 Rose Evenson Sand Painting Original Sand Painting Art Priceless
25 Rose Evenson Geese and Farm Print by Henderson in Gray matting Priceless
26 Rose Evenson Glacier National Park Original Watercolor by Rose Evenson Priceless
27 Rose Evenson Pink Lilies Original Watercolor by Rose Evenson Priceless
28 Rose Evenson Celebration Print by Joyce Gow
29 Rose Evenson Petunias Original Watercolor by Rose Evenson Priceless
30 Rose Evenson Collage Original Art by Rose Evenson Priceless
31 Rose Evenson Original Watercolor Original watercolor of a single flower and buds by Rose Evenson Priceless
32 Rose Evenson Original Watercolor Four blossoms by Rose Evenson Priceless
33 Sid Stivland “His Master’s Voice” Framed poster with cream colored trim.
34 Sid Stivland Stockton Roller Mills Original Painting Priceless
35 Sid Stivland “His Master’s Voice” Framed poster with no trim.
36 Mary Stumpf Mayme Kalina Painting Original Painting Priceless
37 Midwest Machinery Model Tractor BF 4020 Tractor $30 Value
38 Midwest Machinery Model Tractor 1/16 Vintage 520.BW $27 Value
39 Midwest Machinery Play Set Fun on Farm Harvest Set $22 Value
40 The Emporium Geode $50  Value
41 Amos Hoople Priceless
42 Glass Topped Display Table
43 Thread Case
44 Rounded China Cabinet
45 Barrister Shelves
46 Black China Cabinet
47 Robert Greenfield Dishes from Lee Paulson 2 serving platters, 7 dinner plates, 9 lunch plates, 8 square plates, 6 tiny square plates, 6 large bowls, 10 small bowls, 9 mugs and a salt shaker.
48 Bell School or Church Bell
49 Ice Skates
50 Ice Skates
51 Ice Skates
52 Ice Skates
53 Ice Skates
54 Ice Skates
55 Ice Skates
56 Ice Skate
57 Ice Skate
58 Cabinet with Drawers
59 Glenwood State Bank Inspiration Basket Trunk organizer with travel mug, water bottle, Bible and devotional books.
60 Wicker Baby Buggy with parasol
61 Wicker Baby Buggy
62 Wicker Baby Buggy
63 Charles Lindberg Collection Stamps and coins commemorating Charles Lindberg.
64 National Farmers Union Coffee Basket
65 Tom’s Market Baking Basket
66 Tom’s Market Spice Collection with $50 Gift Card
67 Bead Happy Jewelry by Deanna Cooley Handmade Bracelet 3 wrap with picture jasper beads
68 Bead Happy Jewelry by Deanna Cooley Handmade Bracelet 2 wrap with African turquoise beads
69 Bead Happy Jewelry by Deanna Cooley Handmade Bracelet 3 wrap with Picasso beads
70 Brenda Flemal Tupperware Basket $85 Value
71 Brenda Flemal Collector Barbie $180 Value
72 Brenda Flemal Fiber optic lighted house $45 Value
73 Margaret Claeson Bird Print
74 Margaret Claeson Fish Collage
75 Hair Mix Hair straightener $139 Value
76 Nancy Gandrud Hand Embroidered Towels Priceless
77 Ann Grandy Knitting Lesson 1 hour of knitting lesson(s)
78 Ann Grandy Spinning Lesson Learn to make your own yarn! 1 hour of spinning lesson(s)
79 Ann Grandy Silk Scarf Hand eco-printed
80 Puzzle night 1500 piece puzzle and pizza from Papa Murphy’s
81 Large t-shirt from Minnewaska Liquor, $20 gift-certificate to Fleet Supply, gift certificate for free oil change from Brownie’s Tire service $60 Value
82 DU Print with gift certificate for free oil change from Brownie’s and a $10 Gift certificate to the Office Sports café in Villard.
83 Kitchen Basket $25 Kadejan gift certificate with microfiber dishtowels and drying mat, hand woven rug (27 x 24″) and vintage kitchen tools.
84 Timothy’s Carpet and Air Care Gift Certificate $75 towards carpet cleaning
85 Marthaler’s Chevrolet Auto Start System Warm up your car before you leave the house! $225 Value
86 Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort Weeknight stay at the hotel. Sunday – Thursday nights. Plus $25 dining credit
87 Custom Comfort Beds $250 off king or queen mattress or adjustable bed $250 Value
88 Custom Comfort Beds $250 off king or queen mattress or adjustable bed $250 Value
89 Custom Comfort Beds $250 off king or queen mattress or adjustable bed $250 Value
90 Bobber’s Marine $25 Gift Certificate
91 Palmer Creations $50 Gift Certificate
92 Stoen’s Hydrostatic Gift Certificate For 4 hour skid loader rental – trailer included.
93 Riverpine Christmas Tree Farm Gift Certificate For up to 7 foot Christmas Tree
94 Minnesota Timberwolves 2 Tickets For the January 5th game against the Knicks. Game starts at 7 p.m.
95 BK Towing Emergency Gift Certificate For 20 miles of towing or winch out or jumpstart or lockout or tire change.
96 Kid Basket Free pizza from Papa Murphy’s, $5 A&W gift certificate, art supplies, magnetic note holder, hot cocoa & mug.
97 Tom’s Market Wine bucket Minnescato wine from Carlos Creek Winery and $25 Gift Certificate to Tom’s Market
98 Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company & Central Square Cucumber flavored vodka and 2 tickets to the 2018 Central Square Concert series.
99 Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company & Shopko Handcrafted Gin and $25 Gift Certificate to Shopko
100 Phyllis Sorensen & Starbuck Telephone Cozy Basket Call friends and family on the cordless phone while snuggling under a blanket, sipping hot cocoa.
101 Mary Smith Handwoven Basket Priceless
102 Minnewaska Liquour, D. Michael B.’s and Alexandria Area Arts Association 2 Tickets to and Mainstage Production at Alexandria Area Arts Association, Schmidt Sohne Riesling, and $10 Gift Certificate to D. Michael B’s
103 Minnewaska Liquour, Central Square, Duffy’s Roadhouse Handcraft Chardonnay, 2 tickets any 2018 Central Square Concert Series event, and $25 gift certificate to Duffy’s Roadhouse
104 Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company Moon Mountain Costal Citrus Citrus Flavored Vodka
105 Minnewaska Liquour Picnic basket with Relax Pinot Noir
106 $25 Gift Certificate to Shopko, $5 Gift Certificate to A&W, hot cocoa and Christmas Towel
107 Andes Tower Hills Winter Fun Basket 2 Hours of Tubing, Free Papa Murphy’s Pizza and Hot Cocoa
108  Mike and Lavonne Holland Hand-made rugs 2 rugs. One is 27 x 34″ the other is 26 x 28″
109 Lakeland Mental Health Summer Fun Basket Beach bag with popcorn and juice.
110 Gail & Jerry Larson Bottle of Fili Prosecco Brut
111 Mike and LaVonne Holland Map of Minnesota
112 Beth Snider Swag with Red Bow
113 Beth Snider Swag with Plaid Bow
114 Beth Snider Swag with Holly Bow
115 Andes Tower Hills & Papa Murphy’s Skiing Basket 1 Free Lift Ticket and Free Papa Murphy’s Pizza with hot cocoa and mug
116 Lane Studio Gift Certificate For $50 toward a photo session.
117 Grand Casino Gift Certificate For one night stay and $20 Grand Play. Must be used by April 1, 2018 $120 Value
118 Canary Beach Resort Gift Certificate For a 2 night mini vacation in two bedroom cabin at Canary Beach Resort. Must be used by May 17, 2018 $399 Value
119 American Solutions for Business Wine Box Forestedge Plum wine, Lindt Chocolate and $30 Gift Certificate to Lakeside $60 Value
120 Courney Grammentz Red basket with blanket, Photo cards and $10 Gift certificate to Rooney’s Bar $40 Value
121 Courney Grammentz Green basket with blanket, Photo cards, framed photo and $5 Gift certificate to Pizza Ranch $40 Value
122 Frank & Marion Pladson Fruitcake (Actual fruitcake in the fridge at the museum.) $20 value
123 Neil and Connie Lageson Week Vacation at Twin Spruce Inn (near Starbuck) Good for one week now through April 30, 2018. Or $300 off any other week stay. $400 value
124 North Shore Store & the Grog Shop Wine rack And 2 bottles of wine – Tizdale Moscato and Crane Lake Sweet Red
125 Minnewaska Marine and A&W Gift Certificates $25 to Minnewaska Marine and $5 to A&W along with cocoa and mug $40 Value
126 Water’s Edge T-shirt and Gift Certificate Adult medium shirt and $20 gift certificate $35 value
127 Many Friends Holiday Basket Holiday dish towels by Nancy Gandrud, Wind chimes by Bob Gandrud, Christmas decorations from Marion and Frank Pladson, $5 gift certificate to A&W Priceless
128 Many Friends Norwegian Basket Turu cream mush twirling stick, Norwegian trivet from Frank and Marion Pladson, $50 gift certificate to Walmart, greeting cards from local artists, hot cocoa. $75 Value
129 Many Friends Cup from Bremer Bank, $25 gift certificate to Minnewaska Marine, $25 gift certificate to Villard Cenex, Greeting cards from local artists. $70 Value
130 Many Friends Home Basket 26 x 36″ handwoven rug from Mike & LaVonne Holland, hand carved trivet from Frank and Marion Pladson, $25 gift card to Target, $5 gift certificate to A&W, greeting cards from local artists, potato masher and cocoa. $50 Value
131 Minnewaska Bait and Villard Cenex Fishing Basket Crossfire 2000 reel and $25 gift certificate to Villard Cenex $55 Value
132 Cinema 9 and Boulder Tap House Dinner and a Movie Ticket for one free admission to a movie at Cinema 9 and $10 gift certificate for Boulder Tap  House
133 Cinema 9 and Boulder Tap House Dinner and a Movie Ticket for one free admission to a movie at Cinema 9 and $10 gift certificate for Boulder Tap  House
134 Doolittles Woodfire Grill Gift Certificate $25 Gift Certificate
135 Minnesota Vikings Autographed photograph of Stefon Diggs
136 Desk & Chair
137 Mark and Karen Thompson Case 970 model tractor
138 Lakeside Vest Ladies Large
139 Peters Sunset Beach Resort Golf Basket 2 18 hole green fees, with cart, large t-shirt, golf ball and towel. $120 Value
140 Dave and Dawn Thompson Manny Ramirez Bobble Head
141 Dave and Dawn Thompson Mark McGuire Collection
142 Pope County Tribune One Year Subscription to Pope County Tribune
143 Starbuck Times One Year Subscription to the Starbuck Times
144 Carla Wildman Apple Basket Nana’s Apple Cake Mix, Cider Mix, and Carmel Dip $30 Value
145 Rolling Forks Vineyard White Wine Basket One Bottle of Locally grown and bottled Frontenac Gris, vanilla bean scrub, bath bomb and chocolate
146 Rolling Forks Vineyard Red Wine Basket One Bottle of Locally grown and bottled Minnesota Red Table Wine, vanilla bean scrub, bath bomb and chocolate
147 Wendy Zander Three Wise Men Sparkling Christmas made by Hadeland Glassverk, Norway
148 Milady Milad $50 Gift Certificate $50 Value
149 Affordable Floor Covering Linoleum 12 x 16 foot $425 Value
150 Eunice Peterson Lemon Meringue Pie Pie will be delivered to the museum on Saturday and MUST be picked up at the end of the auction on Saturday Priceless
151 Eunice Peterson Lemon Meringue Pie Pie will be delivered to the museum on Saturday and MUST be picked up at the end of the auction on Saturday Priceless
152 Minette & Paul Johnson Scandinavian Goodie Basket Priceless
153 Nancy Gandrud Baby Quilt / Wall hanging Priceless
154 Gulsvig Productions $25 Gift Certificate
155 Gulsvig Productions $25 Gift Certificate
156 Cedric Zemke Hand-made Birdhouse Blue $30 Value
157 Cedric Zemke Hand-made Birdhouse White $30 Value
158 Cedric Zemke Hand-made Diamond Willow Walking Stick $20 Value
159 Cedric Zemke Hand-made Diamond Willow Walking Stick AND Water bottle from Glacial Ridge Wellness Center $25 Value
160 Meco7 Minnesota Basket $20 Gift card to Meco 7, Minnesota Puzzle, MN Candle, Strawberry Syrup, MN Plaque, Ornaments, Chocolate rocks and premium cocoa. $107 Value
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Video of Archaeology Presentation

For those of you who missed the Archaeology presentation at the museum, here’s a recording. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Kent Bakken provided a great history of archaeology in Pope County as well as information on the Archaeological Survey of Pope County taking place this year.


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Silent Auction Items

We have over 160 items on our silent auction – with more arriving every day. There are gift certificates for restaurants, shops and hotels – even a gift certificate for an AUTO START system from Marthaler’s! Something for everyone!

Here is a gallery of the baskets and vintage items we have so far. We hope you will join us in bidding next week (starting Tuesday at noon) and be sure to stop by during the open house on Saturday the 2nd and join us for some goodies as you check your bids one last time before the 3:00 ending.

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