Peacock’s House

Trenham Y - LabelsThis week’s photo is “Residence of Joseph Peacock” from 1876, and it is the final photograph in the Trenham Collection. Joseph Peacock was the County Sheriff. According to the G.C. Torguson in the Historical Survey, the house was located on lot 3, block 27 – the south side of 1st Ave SW between Franklin

The site in 2015

The site in 2015

and 1st Streets. (About where the Minnewaska Meats parking lot is located in 2014.) He used his residence as his office and many interesting municipal cases were heard and settled in his home.  2015_01_18_006Trenham Y

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1 Response to Peacock’s House

  1. Harold W Rippe says:

    I owned that lot. House looks like the one on lot when I bought it. I sold house and Lot to Minnewaska Meats in maybe 1993. I bought place in 1974

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