Even Earlier Glenwood photos

Trenham ZA - LabelsThis image of Glenwood was found in the box with the Trenham photos. As I was researching the other images, I assumed this one was also from 1876. I was feeling pretty smart and able to identify the buildings. But, board member David Lent had sharper eyes than anyone else and pointed out that in this picture, the Fremad building had no porch!

He was absolutley right, so we blew the image up and examined it closely. Not only did the Fremad store have no porch, but the Fountain House was still standing! We didn’t believe that any images of the Fountain House existed! That hotel burnt down in February of 1875, so this picture had to be from at least 1874.

Trenham C - Labels

A similar view from 1876.

We can see the Lathrop office under construction and several sod buildings in use. The sod buildings are barely visible in the Trenham photos as they are falling down from disuse.

In all the early pictures, it is striking to me how few trees there are. There were a few wooded patches near the lake and on the bluffs, but early Glenwood was nearly completely void of trees.

Excitement about dating this image led me on a search to find earlier images of Glenwood. Tune in next week to see the very earliest photos I can find.

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1 Response to Even Earlier Glenwood photos

  1. Harold W Rippe says:

    Marge and I lived in Scotts house first floor in 1956. Bill S.Daughter lived on 2nd floor.

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