Wow – That’s Tall

It turns out that KNOWING I ordered 10 foot shelves that would reach up to the girders and actually SEEING 10 foot shelves is a very different experience!


I already have a rolling staircase on hand so we can safely access items stored on the top shelves.

This view shows some of the shelving in place. We have custom shelves for large aerial photos, slots for framed art that you can see in this image. There will also be cabinets with drawers for small items, bars for hanging garments, and LOTS and LOTS of shelves sized for books, banker boxes, textile boxes and for large or un-boxable items.


It is very exciting to see it all come together. It won’t be long now until we get to start filling the shelves with the artifacts that are currently scattered around the museum.

This project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society.

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1 Response to Wow – That’s Tall

  1. Jerry Wright says:

    awesome looking

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