Cabin Repairs – Day 8

Work continued over the weekend, but I didn’t capture it on film.

Today is the last day with the work crew and it is amazing what they accomplished in a week.

Cabin Repair - Day 8 002Cabin Repair - Day 8 004

Cabin Repair - Day 8 005

Still working on the windows

Cabin Repair - Day 8 015

Adding a few new shingles and a new ridge line to the roof.

The Torguson cabin is looking good too.

And… the “after” pictures just before the crew left.

Day 8 set 2 003

One window on the “Courthouse” cabin finished.

Day 8 set 2 008

Two windows on the Torguson cabin finished.

We will finish the last two windows on the Courthouse cabin, stain the new logs and add water seal.

Day 8 set 2 010

Thanks for a great week!!

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