1914 Chevrolet on the Move

Baby GrandOur 1914 Chevrolet is taking a little trip this fall up the hill to Marthaler Chevrolet at the intersection of Highways 28 and 55 in Glenwood. It will be on display next to the 2014 models that are arriving at the dealership.

The Baby Grand was originally owned by Ole N. Barsness. Mr. Barsness was a successful farmer on land settled by his father and uncle. He used the car as transportation, as well as power for his farm equipment.

Ole N. Barsness with his 1914 Baby Grand.

Ole N. Barsness with his 1914 Baby Grand.

He purchased at Pope County’s first Chevrolet dealership – Schluter Brothers’ Hardware and Implement in Sedan. This was one of the first cars sold by the Schluters.

And a side note – the 1914 models were the first to sport the now familiar Chevrolet “Bow-Tie” logo.

The Baby Grand was one of the first automobiles made by Chevrolet under W.C. Durant, who wanted a car to compete with the Model T Ford. At $875, the 4-door, 5

passenger Baby Grand was a bit more expensive than the $500 Model T, but featured a speedometer and had the option of an electric starter.

Schluter Brothers Dealership - Sedan, MN

Schluter Brothers Dealership – Sedan, MN

One of my favorite features is the Prest-O-Lite headlamps, which use pressurized acetylene and are ignited by pressing a button. The light from the flame bounces off the round reflector in the back to produce bright, even light.

The Pope County Historical Society is grateful to Marthaler Chevrolet for their support of this project, including new tires for the Baby Grand. We hope you will stop by their showroom and see it, then stop down to the museum to see even more local treasures.

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