Item list

This is a list of items deaccessioned in February, 2017. If your museum is interested in any of these items, please contact us for more information.

1987.2137.49 Accessory, Doll White doll dress with lace top and trim. It is on a cardboard model.
xx.0203 Accessory, Doll Folding doll bed. There is a blanket, pillow and bedspread. The head and foot are wooden with wooden accordion like slats on the sides and bottom.
xx.0204 Accessory, Doll Small glass salamander / bottle. There is an opening at the end of his tail and what looks like a bit of cork inside.
17.14 Ax Ax handle. There is no axe head attached. The wood is very old and dry.
xx.0729 Basket, Hanging Hanging basket with two trays. Belonged to Albertina Anderson.
1970.1069.8 Beater, Rug Rug beater with wooden handle. One of four in the collection.
1995.2736.1 Beater, Rug Rug beater. 1920-1940 vintage. One of 4 in the collection.
xx.1266 Bone fragments Piece of walrus tusk. Just the outer portion. It was donated by Carolyn Kjera Peterson to the “Education Collection”
1995.2965 Book * Book – “Sveriges Historia” (Sweden’s History) Volume 2 1350-1521 Volume 3 1521-1611 Volume 4 1611-1718 Volume 5 1718-1809 Volume 6 1809-1875
1996.4274 Book Book – “The National Geographic Magazine” Bound Volumes 27 through 34 (Jan. 1915 – Dec. 1918)
1996.4603 Book Book – “Leikkanger Bygdebok Aettesoga 1979” By Roald Lyngvaer
1996.4176 Book Book – “Historical Romances Of France” 1. “Madame Therese or the Volunteers of ’92” 2. “Waterloo” 3. “The Invasion Of France 1814” 4. “The Conscript 1810-1812-1813” 5. “The Blockade of Phalsborg”
2002.5079 Book Book – “A Christmas Carol 1904” by G. Hovde
2002.5080 Book Book – “Harper’s Third Grade Reader” by Harper & Brothers
2002.5081 Book Book – “Hours of Play – A Book of Fun for Boys & Girls” by Mcloughlin Brothers
2002.5083 Book Book – “Comical Peepshow” by McLoughlin Brothers
2002.5085 Book Book – “I. Skoven” 1873 by Ringviolds Bogtryteri (In the woods – a story for children).
2002.5086 Book Book – “Billed ABC 1905” by Onkel Wilhelm (Picture ABC – The Child’s First Book)
1996.4182 Book Book – “The Pocket University” Volumes I through XXIII (Vol. II Missing) Publisher Doubleday
1996.4299 Book Book – “The March of Democracy the History of the U. S.” ( Vols. 1-7 )
1988.1333 Book Book – “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Dafoe
1982.368 Book Book – “Wonder Book of the World’s Progress” by Williams There are 10 volumes. We are missing volume 8.
1995.2190 Book Book – “Harvard Classics” Volumes 2, 3, 6, 9, 13, 18, 21, 22, 32, 33, 39, 45 Publisher P.F. Collier and Son (1909)
xx.0208 Book Book – Den Store Bastin eller Vaer Indig. Danish book of nursery rhymes and funny pictures for children 3-6 years old. Published in Copenhagen. Donated by Francis Hovde.
xx.0219 Book Books – “History of the American Nation” 9 volumes.
1982.990 Book Book – “Romola” by George Eliot
xx.1260 Boot Pair of worn boots the laces are pulled out of one boot, but tucked inside. Men’s brown boots.
1987.2170.1 Bottle Assortment of 6 one pint liquer bottles. One is green, one has an orange metal cap, one has a black plastic cap, one brown plastic cap and 2 without caps.
1987.2170.2 Bottle Assortment of 7 one quart liquer bottles. One is brown, one is blue-green with a plastic cork, one has a metal cap, the rest have no caps.
1987.2170.3 Bottle Fancy wine bottle. Clear glass with bulbous, scalloped base and a metal top.
1971.1140.6 Bottle 32 ounce medicine bottle.
1971.1140.8 Bottle 1 squat bottle from New Orleans.
1988.2291 Bottle Glass jar made by McKesson Rosemary Laboratories, in Bridgeport, Connecticut containing Castile Shampoo.
1981.1766 Bottle 5 soda pop bottles: Coca cola, Bubble up, Pepsi Cola, Chaser, and Tab.
1986.2068.12 Bottle Talcum powder bottle. Small ribbed glass jar that held talcum powder “Gales Brand”. It has a small round cap with holes in it.
1981.1580 Bottle Punch Flasks (2) in woven reed baskets. Condition of woven cover is poor.
1968.912 Bottle Bottle – Uncle Dan Whiskey with a cork. Made of thick, heavy glass. It has a 1 qt. capacity.
1981.1579 Bottle Brown Two Quart Glass Jar.
1989.2428 bottle Five Bottles & one metal beer can.
xx.0797 Bottle 3 bottles of Black Silk stove polish.
xx.0798 Bottle Metal bottle of Devoe Varnish.
xx.0799 Bottle Bottle of formaldehyde.
1966.385 Bowl This bowl was made in England about 1860. It is Warranted Ironstone China. The base is 4.5″ in diameter and the top is 8″ in diameter. It is 3″ tall. It is white china and has a scalloped design along the outside edge. There are 2 large cracks.
1988.2235.1 Bowl Bowl – Blue Willow by Royal.
1988.2235.2 Bowl 2 bowls of Iron stone china. Plain white with scalloped edges.
1968.963.2a Bowl 8.5 x 3.25″ bowl with scalloped sides and smooth top. Very used with 4 chips on the edge. The finish has worn off the bottom. “Royal Ironstone – Alfred Meakin, England” is stamped on the bottom.
1989.2329 Bowl, Soup Large cup or soup bowl with handle. Silver lace design around the rim.
1968.983.8 Box Brown money box with lid. Dried paper box painted a dark brown. 2.25″x 2″ x 1.5″
xx.0749 Box Wooden box printed with “Yeast Foam for Root Beer”
1996.2797.14 Box, Cigarette 2 cigar boxes.
1980.1452.4 Box, Cigarette Wooden cigar box – La Carona and 2 empty paper sacks of smoking and chewing tobacco.
xx.0801 Box, Cigarette Cigar Box from the C. P. Barsness Estate.
xx.0803 Box, Cigarette Cigar box – Roi-Tan brand.
xx.0804 Box, Cigarette Cigar box – la Fendrich brand.
xx.0805 Box, Cigarette Cigar box -Stetson brand. No lid.
xx.1236 Box, Document Document box from Reno District 7 School. Used to store the clerk’s records. Metal box with handle.
1969.1021.1 Box, Glove Glove box – wood etching design. The word “Gloves” has been etched on both sides of the cover.
1981.1681 Box, Glove Two glove boxes look like new. They are richly engraved with designs of leaves and women’s profiles. They are 10 inches long and 2.5 inches deep.
1987.2137.25 Box, Handkerchief Handkerchief box with gold brocade velvet cover and purple flowers on top.
1987.2131.6 Box, Jewelry Canoe shaped jewelry box. It is cardboard and covered with shells. Inside is a lock of hair, a ring – broken, and a button with a rose colored costume jewel.
1987.2137.26 Box, Jewelry Cream colored jewelry box with an Indian in full headdress on the top.
1987.2131.43 Box, Trinket Top of a trinket box. Half a sea shell.
1987.2137.17a Box, Trinket Blue velvet covered round box.
1996.2808.2a Bullet * Box of empty bullet shells.
1989.2411.5 Button Luther College Homecoming buttons from 1954 & 1949. They both have blue and white ribbons.
1966.455 Button Button with pin back – Has a sepia toned photo of a band. Reads: ” Cosgrove’s Ever Popular High Class Attractions” This button was made by Whitehead and Hoag Co.
xx.0038 Button Samples of Centennial buttons from a button making company. 4 buttons attached to card.
xx.0725 Cabinet, Filing Wooden cabinet with legal sized drawers for paper.
1972.1236.8 Calendar Calendar – gray cardboard, roadside picture from 1918. No Pope County connection.
1970.1059 Calendar 1906 calendar with swinging arms. The fine print on the back reads, “Raphel Tuck & Sons, Ltd., London, Paris, Berlin, New York: Designed at the art studios in England RTS Artists Series Trademark. Publishers to their Majesties, The King and Queen and T.R.H. the Prince and Princess of Wales. No. 5823.”
1987.2163.1 Camera, Box Brownie box camera. All black. Exact DUPLICATE – other in better condition.
1981.1713 Case Razor Case – Imitation leather.
xx.0743 Case Small leather snap case with souvenir written on the side. May have held long slender cigarettes.
xx.0800 Case, Cigarette Cigarette case, white metal with Japanese or Chinese characters scratched on the side.
1982.1791.3 Case, Eyeglasses Eyeglass case in cardboard box. No glasses. The case is speckled.
1966.46.3 Case, Eyeglasses Eye glasses case – black simulated leather with black velvet lining. Printed on the outside of the case is “Willmar Hospital Clinic” F.P.Frisch, M.D. Willmar, Minnesota
xx.0785 Case, Eyeglasses Eyeglasses case – empty.
1968.907.2 Chopper, Food Chopper – vegetable chopper. It is 51/2 ” high. This has four blades. On one side of the handle it reads: PATD. MAY 2 93 NO.46 On the other side : N..S. & Co. Groton, N.Y.
1983.1841.2 Chopper, Food Cabbage Cutter
xx.1230 Clock Heavy black shelf clock. It has a white face, roman numerals. The back has a glass window for access to the inner workings and bell. There are cracks and missing pieces on the left side. Mold spots on the top and edges
1966.601 Clock, Wall Clock – by Hartford & Ingraham Co. Wooden cabinet 32″h x 11″w x 3″ deep. The face is 12″ in diameter. It has a white background with black numbers and roman numerals. It has three hands. It has a 5″ pendulum behind a glass door. There are numbers 1-31 around the outer edge to mark the date. It has a patented date of 1897.
1989.2424 Coin 42 Coins No information – various countries includeing Canada, France, Germany, China, & Tunisia.
xx.1276 Collar, Horse Horse collar – moldy.
1968.907.3 Corkscrew Bottle cork opener – corkscrew. It is 6″ long. Lettering on the handle is: Myers & C., Dist. Fulton Covington, Ky. U.S. Need Not Pull Keep Turning
1981.1624 Corkscrew Corckscrew. Wooden handle. “Duluth Brewing and Malting / Duluth Minn.”
1981.1657 Corkscrew Pocket Cork Screw made with metal screw about 6 inches long with metal bell stopper and 3 inch wood handle. It has John Gund Brewing Co., LaCross, Wis. stamped on the handle.
xx.0784 Corkscrew Corkscrew
xx.0728 Crate, Shipping Collection of 16 boards with labels. The boards are all from the ends of shipping crates. Companies named include: Sure Winner of Arvin Vineyards Co. California; Jim Dandy Brand Grapes from Coachella California; Placerville Fruit Growers Association; and Cardinal Tomatoes grown in Mexico.
1966.362a Cup White porcelain cup. Part of cup and saucer set. 3.5″ high and 3.25″ in diameter. There is a raised leaf design overall with gold painted highlights in the front. The word “Present” is raised in the porcelain and highlighted in gold paint on the front. The edge is scalloped. The entire cup has been broken and glued together.
xx.0199 Cup Small porcelain tea cup with pink and yellow flowers and gold designs.
1968.957.2 Cutter, Tobacco Tobacco cutter. Cast iron tool meant to mount on a counter top. It has a sharp blade controlled by a long handle. DUPLICATE
1981.1662 Cutter, Tobacco Tobacco Plug Cutter. Cast iron with rounded handle to control the blade. The blade cuts at an angle due to the gear-like mechanism. Meant to mount on a counter top. Patented 1883. DULPICATE
1969.1021.3 Dish Butter dishes. Set of 12 with scalloped edges. 2 with gold edges from Johnson Brother’s – England. 2 white china with gold and blue trim. Two of the plates have tape on the back saying -“From mom and dad.”
1969.1021.9 Dish, Bone Five china bone dishes – set of 5. Five bone dishes, base shaped like a quarter moon, with a 1″ scalloped edge. The inside is decorated with three sprays of pink roses and green leaves. “La Francaise Porcelain”. These dishes were set beside the dinner plates to hold fish or other bones. In 1910 a dozen dishes were priced at $1.08.
1987.2137.35 Dish, Candy Glass candy dish filled with sea shells.
1972.1201 Dish, Serving A warrented ironstone china serving bowl has a rectangular shape with a brown line around the rim and a small floral design centered on the bottom. Centered on the underside is the trademark for Mellor, Taylor and Greenland with the words surrounded by an emblem topped by a crown.
1988.2235.5 Dish, Serving Bowl made by W.H. Grindly and Co. England. There was once gold trim that has worn off. There are several cracks in the bowl.
1968.963.2 Dish, Serving Wedgwood royalstone china serving plate with brown leaf design in the center and gold trim on the edge.
1985.2004 Dish, Serving Royal Ironstone china serving bowl by Alfred Meakin of England.
1981.1562 Duplicator Duplicator. “Ideal” company. It is a double duplicator with three hinged sections. The printing material is oozing out of the sides and has sealed the sections closed.
1966.156 Eyeglasses Eyeglasses, gold rimmed clear with lens metal, pliable bows in black leather case. The case is partly lined with purple velvet and small wood piece to support the blasses at the bridge piece. A snap closes the case. Stenciled on the flap on the outside of the case is “These glasses are registered, A.L. Cantleberry, Jeweler and Opticial. Mohall, No. Dak.”
1981.1704 Fan Japanese Folding Fan.
1987.2131.1 Figure Child’s / Doll’s porcelain organ.
1987.2131.23 Figure 2 porcelain figurines – a woman and a dog.
1987.2131.61 Figure Bisque Angel and glass crane on celluloid plate. The glass crane is loose.
1987.2131.8 Figure Glass pink horse on plate – table ornament.
xx.0237 Figure Half of a paper mache egg. Two rabbits are on the front.
1987.2131.20 Figurine Porcelain figurine of a boy. There is a vase attached to the base.
1987.2131.24 Figurine toy boy fishing – sitting on a bench on china dish.
1981.1564 Grater Peeler-Grater Combination. Hand made metal grater.
1971.1100 Grinder This coffee grinder consists of a glass container with a tin lid that screws on and has the name Arcade embossed on the lid. The black grinder part is in two parts held together by screws. An opening between parts allows ground coffee to fall into a cup (not shown) below. A bracket for fastening to the wall has one hole for a screw and another for the gear part of the utensil. The metal handle has a wooden grip. This was an important tool in the day when one bought unground coffee beans from a big sack or bins standing about grocery stores. DUPLICATE
1968.877 Grinder, Meat Meat grinder – black iron. It is broken apart on one end.
1966.580 Grinder, Meat Meat grinder made to mount on a counter. Patented 1887.
1986.2089.3 Hammer Balsa Wood Hammer.
1971.1122.33b Hanging Woodburning project – heart shaped wood with cupid burned into it.
1987.2166.6 Hanging Woven wall hanging commemorating the signing of the Declaration of independence.
1997.2847 Hat * United States Army World War II Cap Found on 108 6th Street, Glenwood after a rain storm in July 1996.
1970.1072.2 Holder, Match Match box – enameled tin. Premium from Fergus Falls Rendering Co. 5.25″ x 2.5″ Box is advertisement for Dead Animal Service, Fergus Falls Rendering Co. and has lists of towns on either side in red and blue with phone numbers.
1966.273 Holder, Napkin Napkin holder – Plywood in the shape of Minnesota. It is in the form of a 5.5″ outline of Minnesota. It has a maroon and gold centennial emblem. There is the “Minnesota Song” written and copy-righted by Arthur E. Bergquist. It sits on a scalloped base 3.25″ x 3.25″. The napkins sit behind the wood design.
1966.741 Holder, Pencil Two memo holders of glass base and wire coils. The holder was made by Cushman and Denison Manufactureing Co.
1985.1951 Iron Tailor’s Iron – Manufactured by Sioux City, Brass works, wood handle.
1981.1711.2 Jar Glass Candy Jar without a lid.
1987.2137.33 Jar Ceramic jar containing dried rose petals. Broken and repaired.
1981.1584b Jar Jar lids – 8 Ball lids.
1987.2170.4 Jar, Preserving 1 Economy canning jar and 1 atlas canning jar – both wide mouth.
xx.0259 Jar, Preserving Glass canning jar with metal lid. Ball jar with Kerr lid.
1973.1279.6 Jug Vinegar jug from Paducah, KY
1985.1943.1a Kit, Tool Auto Repair – Tire Patching kits 4 containers. DUPLICATES of .1
1981.1675 Knife, Cheese Cheese Knife for cutting cheese wheels.
xx.1278 Knife, Paring Small paring knife with leather case and very rough wooden handle.
1990.2491.1 Lamp A tall kerosene lamp with an ornate brass bottom base has a blue and tan trimmed middle section and a fancy brass cover at the top. It belonged to Kathy Mayer’s grandmother in Nebraska.
xx.1273 Last Metal shoe stand and 7 metal forms / shoe lasts.
1993.2653 Machine, Knitting Knitting machine – approximately 1900 vintage. It knits tubes of stockinette stitch. There are 4 cylinders with different gauges, the machine itself, weights and needles in a metal drawer. Some of the cylinders may be part of xx.1284. One of three in the collection.
xx.1284 Machine, Knitting Knitting machine. This machine was used by Mrs. Andrew Hauge of Chippewas Falls Township. One of three in the collection.
xx.1270 Magazine Magazine “Blue Babe The story of a Steppe Bison Mummy from Ice Age Alaska” It was donated by Carolyn Kjera Peterson to the “Education Collection”
1971.1122.26 Masher This single piece of round and smooth wood could be used as a potato masher or pounding utensil. It is 12 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter at the mashing end tapering to 3/4 inch at the handle end.
1985.2033.5a Masher, Potato Potato masher – wooden
1970.1073.13 Masher, Potato Potato masher – wooden. Shaped from a block of wood, knob at top.
1968.978.5 Masher, Potato Potato masher. 11″ Wooden.
1988.2232.3 Masher, Potato Wooden potato masher.
1983.1841 Masher, Potato Potato masher. Wooden.
1988.2216 Masher, Potato Potato mashers – (2) wood.
1981.1756 Matchbox Safety Match Box. Diamond matches.
xx.0751 Moistener Bottle of Mucilage for sealing envelopes.
1985.2030.1 Mold, Butter Wooden butter mold with pineapple design.
xx.0273 Mold, Butter Butter mold with pineapple design. Wooden.
1995.2755.6 Mystery Object Compression ring.
xx.0730 Mystery Object Mystery object. May be a candle holder or lamp part. The top looks like it could be used for hanging the object from a hook.
xx.0736 Mystery Object Mystery clamp? Wooden pieces that read ANCHOR BRAND with metal key like screws and a clip.
xx.1269 Mystery Object Small piece of coal 1″ long. It was donated by Carolyn Kjera Peterson to the “Education Collection”
1989.2355 Oilcan Small bottle of oil from Prudhoe Bay Alaska.
1990.2475 Oilcan Glass jar of oil from well in North Dakota.
1966.684.5 Paddle Butter paddle with square scoop. 8″ long. The scoop is 4″ squard and slightly curved. It was found in Charlotte Aal Smith’s possessions.
1976.1381a Paddle, Apple Butter Long Handled Ladle. It was given to Harold Oeltjen by his uncle Byron Johnson of Plymouth, Iowa. He got it out of a creamery being torn down in Plymouth, Iowa. There is a picture of it in Hoards Dairyman in the Special Bicentennial issue July 10,1976, page 821. It was used 1877.
xx.0266 Paddle, Apple Butter Butter paddle, small, wooden with rounded scoop.
1983.1852.5 Painting Painting of a Dutch windmill.
1987.2131.19 Paperweight 2 glass slipper paperweights. One blue and the other amber.
1987.2137.9 Paperweight Glass paperweight with a picture of a boy bringing a bouquet of flowers to a girl.
1985.1949.3b & 3c Paperweight Three “Rite-Line” pieces. For help in following the correct line when copy typing.
1981.1617 Paperweight Pittman Copy Holder
1966.487 Pen Pen & Inkwell – in glass cube, pen has yellow handle. Engraved on the point is “Stainless 14 karet gold-plated.”
1992.2615.2 Picture * Picture – from C. L. Peterson’s Home. Plaster painted with poppies.
1971.1122.33a Picture Picture – for hanging on the wall, oval shaped burnt wood.
1983.1852.2 Picture Framed Picture “Our Flag” with story on the back of the frame.
1995.2741 Picture Assorted pictures – 11 of them. All unframed.
xx.0732 Picture Picture that hung on the wall of Swanson’s jewelry store for many years. “You can’t make a profit without a sale”
1973.1259.3 Pin, Rolling The rolling pin has a wooden handle at each end and is 12 inches long. The rolling part is corrugated and was used for rolling lefse and flat brod for baking on top of the wood burning stove.
12.42 Plane Small rounded wooden plane with no blade. The front end is cracked vertically and also split horizontally on one side.
1970.1088.1 Plate A dinner plate of English stone ware China is made of earthen ware. The plate is 91/2 inches across and is white with a slightly scalloped raised edge with floral decorations of ivy vines, tendrils and briar roses.
1968.959.2 Plate Plates from iron stone Alfred Meakin dish set with maple leaf design. One plate is 83/4″ diameter of royal ironstone china. The plate is white with a leaf pattern in shades of brown in the center and a dark brown line along the rim. Ironstone China is a hard white pottery made in England during the 18th century. One plate is 9″ diameter of Parisian granite Rosaline pattern. The plate is checked through heat. It is ornate with a design in shades of brown. The plates have chipped edges.
1988.2236 Plate Set of iron stone Alfred Meakin dishes with maple leaf design. 2 dinner plates, 2 lunch plates and 1 dessert plate.
1988.2231.2 Plate Dinner plate with small blue flowers on the edges. Semi-porcelain.
1968.962 Plate One plate from iron stone Alfred Meakin dish set with maple leaf design.
1995.2763 Plate, Commemorative * 75th Anniversary commemorative plate from Glenwood Lutheran Church. The plate is 9.25 inches in diameter with a gold rim. The outer edge of the plate has a raised grape and grape leaf design. The center of the plate depicts the church in a dull red color. The writing on the front of the plate reads “Glenwood Lutheran Church, Glenwood, MN Organized May 24, 1880.” The back of the plate reads: Pastors who have served Glenwood Lutheran Church are: Rev. Magnus M. Koefod 1880-1888 Rev. H.O. Koefod 1888-1898 Rev. G.T. Lee 1898-1914 Rev. H. P. Ausan 1989-1914 Rev. J. Linnevold 1914-1917 Rev. David J. Quill 1944- The first church building was erected in 1881, the present church in 1917. Redecoration and rededication, 1946. Parish House erected, 1952. Seventy-fifth Anniversary celebrated 1955.”
1986.2038.1-71 Plate, Commemorative Vernon Kilns collector plates.
1969.998.1a Plate, Dinner Glazed 10″ dinner plate made by J. and G. Meaken of Hanley England. Ironstone china in an Ivy pattern in brown. The glaze is crackled.
1969.998.2 Plate, Dinner A white glazed plate 9″ in diameter with continuous blue designs of flowers and ribbons around the plate and a blue design in the center. The information on the baack reads: “W.T.H. Smith & Co. Longport, England Rd. No. 333990. Dewey 3” The plate has a crack near the center and two chips on the edge.
1969.998.3 Plate, Dinner White plate, made by Alfred Meaken Co., of England, of Royal Ironstone China. This plain white plate, apparently warranted not to craze, has a scalloped edge, with a daily raised dotted edge and a raised design.
1969.998.4 Plate, Dinner A 9.5 inch diameter white plate, glazes and crazed, with flower designs of green leaves, and pink and white rose buds and closed flowers. The background of the designs has pale blue leaves. The edge is chipped in several places. The manufacturer is W.S. George Radisson.
1969.998.1b Plate, Luncheon Glazed 7.75″ luncheon plate made by J. and G. Meaken of Hanley England. Ironstone china in an Ivy pattern in brown.
1969.998.1c Plate, Luncheon Glazed 7.75″ luncheon plate made by J. and G. Meaken of Hanley England. Ironstone china in an Ivy pattern in brown. The glaze is crackled.
1988.2254a Plate, Luncheon 7.5 inch off white plate with brown decorations. Designs are oriental motifs. Maker’s marks reads: “Oriental D.B. & Co.” Part of a set with matching cup and saucer. Originally belonged to Mrs. B.K. Savre’s mother; Grandmother to L.E. “Bussy” Savre, Harold Savre, and Valborg Ranney.
1991.2526 Platter Plate – white with pink flowers. It belonged to Sadie DeKok’s parents in Brooten. It is from 1910 or earlier. It has a scalloped edge with a painted gold rim that has mostly worn off. The back is covered with contact paper as there is a large crack running through it.
1969.1025 Platter Platter – Granite company. 16″ x 10″ platter. Used by the Theodore T. Disrud family in Barsness Township in the early 1900’s. The platter has a chip and scratches in the finish.
1988.2235.6 Platter Platter with Summertime design of blue flowers around the edge. A piece has broken off and been glued back on.
1972.1236.1 Premium Framed, printed picture of a boy with a toy sailboat. “Souveir from N. Selland Dealer in General Merchandise Fine Millinery Hancock, Minn.”
1966.560.2 Premium Flour sacks – (Miniature) gold medal flour sacks, 4.75 x 3″ Mrs. Helbing and Cleora received these 2 miniature sacks of flour at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri in 1904. The sacks measure 4 3/4″ x 3″. “Washburn – Crosby Co. Gold Medal Flour.” The trademark is in blue and gold. The back of the sack bears this printing : To be safe on the flour question, be sure that the sack or barrel in your home bears the brand GOLD MEDAL as shown on this sack. Washburn-Crosby Co. Minneapolis – World’s Fair, St. Louis, USA 1904.
1986.2106.2 Premium Green plastic pocket for shopping notes.
1989.2319 Premium 10.5 inch premium plate. “Compliments of Geo. R. Wheeler & Co. Terrace, Minn.” Plate has 6 water lilies in white and pink along with lily pads on green water. The central design is surrounded with a gold floral border. The mark on the back reads Dresden China. This plate is from the days when merchants would give their customers a gift, usually a dish, at Christmas time in appreciation for their business.
xx.0037 Premium Wooden nickel – worth 5 cents in Osakis during the Osakis Centennial – July 12-14 1957.
xx.0738 Premium Large collection of pens with business names. **Need to sort out local businesses.
xx.1243 Print, Photographic Photograph of male students in desks at a veterinary school.
xx.1244 Print, Photographic Photograph of a group of men in coats in front of a building. Sign in the window says Historical Society.
xx.1245 Print, Photographic Photograph in frame of men at a logging camp.
xx.1246 Print, Photographic Photograph in frame of the Minnesota State Fire Convention in Montevideo 1918. Donated by Alma Lund Rosten. The glass is broken.
xx.1247 Print, Photographic Photograph in frame of men at WWI military base.
xx.1248 Print, Photographic Photograph in frame of the 1923 Luther League convention in Fergus Falls. Donated by Olaf Smedstad / Carl Hagen.
xx.1249 Print, Photographic Photograph in frame of Camp Dodge, IA 1917. The view is of the railroad tracks that serviced the camp.
xx.1250 Print, Photographic Photograph in frame of a large group of people at a convention. The photo is taken outdoors in the trees. The photo is split on one side – actually the negative was split – it is a single image. There is also a hole in the upper right hand corner.
xx.1255 Print, Photographic Framed photograph of a Burlington Zypher tour group in Washington DC in 1936.
xx.1256 Print, Photographic Framed photograph of Nagasaki Japan from 1899.
1999.2936.14 Program Church bulletin from Dennison Lutheran Church from August 5, 1945.
1968.970.12 Pulley Pulley – 2 wooden hay pulleys with metal holders. Iron yoke-knot passing frame pulleys with 5 1/2 inch maple sheaves. One pulley has a hollow pin.
20.5 Puttee Leg wraps, part of the United States Army Uniform from WWI / World War I . They are olive green, almost 10 feet long wool strips 4″ wide with a long knit strap at one end.
1970.1078 Rack, Magazine Magazine rack.
1966.631.5 Rack, Towel Towel bar – 18″ long wood with 2 wooden braces. Missing pieces. There are two wooden braces for support. This once belonged to Mrs. Jennie Barsness Fayle.
1987.2191 Razor Black razor blade box in poor condition.
2009.3376 Rock * A stone tool. Probably used as an axe or hammer. It was found by Dale Anderson on his farm near Farwell. In 2015, Archaeologists from the Minnesota Historical Society visited our museum and identified several of the pieces in our collection. This piece is not an actual tool. The shape was created by natural wear.
1972.1214.5 Ruler Marking gage – Metal, adjustable thumb screws – for skirt hem. DUPLICATE
1973.1279.1 Saltshaker Turquoise and gold candlestick shaped salt shaker from New Orleans.
1966.362 Saucer White porcelain saucer with leaf design.
1989.2321 Saucer Saucer from “Marseilles New Wharf Pottery” in England has blue decoration but is in poor condition.
12.71 Saw, Crosscut Crosscut saw blade. It is 66″ long, rusty and missing the handles and a tooth.
xx.0717 Scale, Balance Metal scale with heavy weight balance. Rusty.
xx.0718 Scale, Balance Metal scale with heavy weight balance. Black. Weight is broken off.
12.39 Scraper, Ash Ash scraper. A small 3 x 1.25″ metal rectangle attached to the end of a thin 30″ rod.
1999.2932.2 Scythe, Cradle * Four fingered cradle scythe for cutting grain. It has a curved wooden handle 34″ long, one sharp metal blade and 4 wooden fingers or tines 48″ long. The blade cut the stocks of grain and the fingers of the cradle held it so that it could be placed in a pile. A single skilled “cradler” could harvest 2 acres a day.
10.23 Scythe, Cradle Cradle scythe attached to the side of the log building. It has four tines, but the blade is missing.
10.24 Scythe, Cradle Cradle scythe attached to the side of the log building. It is missing one of the tines, but the blade is intact.
xx.0234 Shell Sea shell – souvenir from Minneapolis.
xx.0235 Shell Sea shell – From Glenwood painted on front.
1966.535 Shoe Man’s Shoes -leather light brown narrow pointed shoes. They are 81/5″ high and 101/2″ long. They are very narrow and come to a point. The base of the shoes are stiff leather while the top is pliable leather. The shoes tie with long beige shoestrings. The heels are 11/4″ high.
xx.1280 Shuttle Weaving shuttle. Smooth wood piece with openings at both ends.
1966.223 Skimmer, Cream Cream skimmer – Metal pear shaped utensil with punched design on it. It has a hole which can be used to hang it. It was used to skim heavy cream from milk crocks, which were suspended in wells, springs or on cold cellar floors. Used around 1890.
1968.909 Slicer, Vegetable Slicing board. A board of soft wood, measuring 20″ long and 6″ wide. A blade, set with 3 screws, slices the vegetables by working them back and forth over it. Underneath is a large groove to permit the sliced vegetables to fall into a receptacle. The board is crudely made and put together with screws, a bolt and nails.
1983.1828.4 Spike Wood Spike
xx.0267 Spoon Large wooden spoon.
1968.824.4 Spoon Holder Carmel slag spoon holder. Caramel colored glass 31/2 ” , ornate with floral scallops around the top. Top has one small and one large chip.
1996.2805 Squeezer, Fruit * Orange Juicer – used with Hamilton Beach mixer by Kettells family in 1950’s.
1984.1892 Stamp, Notary Notary seal clamp in worn black cloth holder. Douglas County. Small hand stamp with a black case.
1989.2414.1 Stand, Music Expandable Music Stand (top only)
1976.1389.7 Stereoscope Stereoscope / stereoptical / perfecscope viewer. Wooden frame with medium sized lenses and a folding handle. It was used to view stereographs / stereocards. The dual image card was held in a clip (missing from this viewer) and moved back and forth until the card was in focus. The image would look three dimensional. This one was called a “perfecscope” made by Underwood and Underwood. Prices for viewers in 1897 varied from 25 – 90 cents. This frame is 13″ long and the handle extends 5″ when in the downward position.
1984.1873.4a Stereoscope Stereoscope, manufactured by Underwood and Underwood of New York. Patented June 11, 1901. It is 12″ long and made of dark finished wood. The crosspiece has wire guides and can hold a stereocard. The two images on the card are viewed through the eye piece. The cross piece can slide back and forth until the image is in focus. The two images on the card are slightly different. When seen through the viewier, they appear as a single three dimensional image. The viewer on this stereoscope is silver tone with some decorative engraving. The inside is painted black and there is soft brown fabric around the edge that touches the user’s face. There is no handle, but there are metal clips that might have fit into a handle.
1985.1968 Stretcher, Curtain Three sets of curtain stretchers have measuring gauges to compare with length and width of lace curtains. They have small nails to hold the curtain taut for drying and one set is in a canvas case.
1976.1354.2 Suit, Bathing Black wool swim suit / bathing suit. There are white bands around the arm-holes, knees and the bottom of the skirt. There are two blue buttons on the left shoulder. It is full of moth holes. The original card read, “From the days when it was improper to show very much of the human form divine. And when men bathed, “swam” in one place – “The old swimming hole” and the women kept to paddling around near some other part of the shore. Much covered!”
1969.1021.8 Teapot Tea pot – brown, 1 cup, made in Japan.
1988.2273 Tin * This Hershey’s Cocoa container was purchased in the 1070s and cost $1.13 a pound.
1989.2422 Tin Hershey’s Cocoa container -metal. DUPLICATE – keep 2 in the collection.
1990.2499 Tin Two Hershey’s Cocoa cans possibly from 1934 were manufactured by Hershey Chocolate Corp, Hershey, PA. The sides of the cans have recipes for frostings, cakes and muffins. They were priced at $.25 and $.43.
1986.2105.2 Tin Two cans of Bon Ami cleanser were made by Bon Ami, Co., in New York, N.Y. This type of cleanser was used to clean kitchen sinks and bathrooms safely. They are in good condition. DUPLICATE – keep one in collection.
1981.1693 Tin Union Leader Cut Plug Tin Box. Coin slot cut in the top to make a bank.
1990.2517 Tin Hershey’s cans – 2. Found one.
xx.0258 Tin Circular tin with cross stitch design on the outside.
1981.1541 Towel, Dish 1966 Linen Towel Pictured wall hanging “Country Store”.
1985.2033.3 Toy Baby shaped toy.
1987.2131.59 Toy Toy totem pole – sold for $1.
1987.2131.9 Toy Pair of wooden shoes – tiny souvenir from Spicer, Minnesota.
1987.2137.39 Toy Shell decorated toy library 1885.
1987.2137.40 Toy Bust of Abraham Lincoln. Plaster – broken and glued back together.
xx.0195 Toy Plastic teepee with figures inside. From St. Labre Indian School.
1970.1088.4 Toy, Teaset Child’s cup and saucer. Plain & chipped.
1987.2131.12 Toy, Teaset Cup and saucer – souvenir of Esterville, Iowa.
1971.1122.13 Tray The oblong serving tray has a painting of apples and a pitcher. A brown band with gold painted apple and leaves frame the painting. It measures 17 inches by 14 inches. The tray is a gift from the Fremad Building. DUPLICATE
1967.808.9 Vase “A cobalt blue glass vase, 6 inches in height, base 2 inches across. Bowl is tapered toward base and top has a fluted rim, one section is broken. The bowl has a hand painted figure of a young boy in colonial dress hilding a spray of flowers. Palm trees on either side of the boy.”
1989.2332 Vase “Glass vase 11.5″ tall. Design painted on in gold, light green & faded yellow. Some of the design has loosened and come off. Not very artistically painted.”
xx.0787 Wallet Leather billfold. DUPLICATE
xx.0789 Wallet Leather billfold. DUPLICATE
xx.0792 Wallet Leather Billfold. DUPLICATE
1986.2106.4 Waterer, Poultry 2 chicken water fountain base.
xx.1267 Wood, Petrified Small piece of lacquered wood 3″ long. It was donated by Carolyn Kjera Peterson to the “Education Collection”
xx.1268 Wood, Petrified Small piece of lacquered wood 2″ long. It was donated by Carolyn Kjera Peterson to the “Education Collection”
1976.1381b Worker, Butter Lever butter worker. It was given to Harold Oeltjen by his uncle Byron Johnson of Plymouth, Iowa. He got it out of a creamery being torn down in Plymouth, Iowa. There is a picture of it in Hoards Dairyman in the Special Bicentennial issue July 10,1976, page 821. It was used 1877.
13.4 Yoke Yoke – probably for horse. 49 x 6.5 x 26″ with a steel ring at the center to attach to the wagon.
13.5 Yoke Yoke donated by the Jessie Johnson family. 50 x 14 x 5. There are no neck loops to hold the animals. The yoke is full of worm holes and in poor condition.
1968.903 Yoke Yoke – for carrying water. Made of light weight wood and heavily varnished, this yoke has deep cracks and one end has broken off.
xx.0473 Yoke, Neck Wooden yoke used by a person to carry water. It fits over the wearer’s shoulders. Cables hang down from each end to attach to water buckets.