Collection Highlight – Starbuck American Legion Auxiliary Charter

A new item in our collection – the charter certificate for the Starbuck American Legion Auxiliary, Magnus Grondahl post 325.
The charter was signed May 22, 1922.

The charter membership roll is listed on the second page. The names include:
Hazel Gulbranson, Margaret O. Torgerson, Mildred Newlin, Mrs. S. G. Anderson, Magna Peterson, Bertha Nordstrom, Mabel O. Johnson, Mrs. T. C. Thompson, Olivia T. Peterson, Mrs. John Kleven, Mrs. Ole J. Kleven, Mrs. Ole Torgerson, Mrs. Alfred Nordstrom, Mrs. W. R. Case, Mrs. A. O. Smedstad, Ruth Svenning, Mrs. Elmer Erickson, Mrs. Emil Steen, Mrs. H. B. Stadsvold, Louise Brandby, Inga Asklakson, Jessie Barsness, Mrs. Victor Gorder, Mrs. John Ingvarson, Julia Johnson, Mrs. Oscar Wesen, Mrs. Ole Troy, Minnie Kleven, Agnes Dyrstad, Florence Erickson, Mrs. A Scheutz, Nettie Larson, Mrs. Bingham, Mrs. Ove Johnson, Mrs. John Lynch, Mrs. N. Forde, Mrs. Victor Runquist, Mrs. Victor Larson, Mrs. Jens Olson, Mrs. Leonard Peterson, Mrs. Roy Olson, Mrs. Martin Overstad, Mrs. Henry Hanson, Mrs. Albert Opdahl, Lorrane Smedstad, Mrs. C. R. Christenson, Mable Thompson, Mrs. Anton Ness, Caroline Grondahl, Anna Grondahl, and Janette Ingvarson.

We are grateful to the Starbuck American Legion Auxiliary for this gift.

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