Mamie’s Legs

In July 1948, two-year old Mamie Fischer of Villard ran toward her father as he used a power mower. She had been sent to the house with the mail, but ran back toward her dad before anyone knew what she was doing. He had been adjusting the power take off didn’t see her when he got back on the tractor.  She lost both of her feet above the ankle.


Her story was picked up by George Grim in the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune. He encouraged readers to send her cards and to contribute funds. And they responded in an overwhelming fashion. Her hospital bills and the cost of her prosthetic legs were covered.

The hospital room was filled with dolls and toys, which she personally delivered to other hospitalized children.


She quickly re-learned to walk, using her new prosthetic legs. The artificial legs didn’t slow her down. Here is a photo of her rollerskating!


As she grew, she need larger legs. In 2012, she donated her first 4 sets of prosthetic legs to the Pope County Historical Society.


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