Glacial Lakes State Park

While the Pope County Museum is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be highlighting historic sites around Pope County. We hope that you can walk or drive to visit these sites while maintaining appropriate physical distancing.

Glacial Lakes State Park


The idea of the park was conceived by Bennie Signalness, a farmer who lived just north of the park.  Beginning in 1960, 1400 acres of farmland were purchased and park development began. The park has expanded to 1860 acres today.  Located about five miles south of Starbuck, Glacial Lakes State Park embraces a unique segment of hills and a large valley formed as the last glacier receded some 11,000 years ago.  Native prairie plants are a highlight along the park trails. Glacial Lakes State Park boasts a very active Friends of the Park group to promote, maintain and improve the park.


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