DNR Fish Hatchery at Glenwood

While the Pope County Museum is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be highlighting historic sites around Pope County. We hope that you can walk or drive to visit these sites while maintaining appropriate physical distancing.

DNR Fish Hatchery at Glenwood


The Department of Natural Resources Fish Hatchery at Glenwood has been in continuous operation since it’s opening in 1905.  In early years, the hatchery superintendent lived on premises in the office building. Many seasonal employees stayed in bunkhouse accommodations as well.  The property is ideally suited for the spring fish hatch due to the 95 acre natural catch basin of spring water which flows through the property into Lake Minnewaska.  Concrete bass ponds along the shore of the lake were filled with earth in 1930 to create the boat landing and parking area. The Hatchery grounds were also a popular picnic area in the early 1900’s.

The new Glenwood Area Fisheries office was built in 2017. According the Kraus-Anderson website, “It was designed to promote and highlight sustainability in Minnesota. Every aspect of the building was developed and constructed with nature in mind. It earned a zero energy rating, representing a 100% reduction in carbon producing fuel. The building has earned recognition for its environmental leadership and innovative design, including a 2018 Best of B3 Design and Best of Sustainable Buildings 2030 awards. The project team went the extra mile to ensure the new facility was both high-quality and of minimal disruption to its surrounding land.”




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