Mount Lookout

While the Pope County Museum is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be highlighting historic sites around Pope County. We hope that you can walk or drive to visit these sites while maintaining appropriate physical distancing.

Mount Lookout


The wayside rest overlooking Glenwood was donated to the city in 1934 by Mrs. E.M. Webster.  The five acre site was developed as a scenic overlook in 1938. Highway 55 was completed in 1938 and the overlook was predicted to be a stopping point for thousands of tourists along this new route.  Constructed by the National Youth Administration, the Mount Lookout wayside rest is eligible to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1948, 200 citizens including 110 children excused from school, and local business and professional men, planted 22,000 coniferous trees on the property.  “They did more than plant trees. They showed a community spirit that enriched every individual who participated and in the same token left a lasting monument for their splendid deed.”





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