COVID-19 – Help Capture Your Story

Our friends at Douglas County Historical Society are the creators of this project, but we want to capture Pope County stories as well.
History is being made daily, and we are here to capture the local stories, even if we are temporarily closed.

Everyone’s experience matters.

Your history matters. Help us record your history. 

With events being as momentous as they are in Minnesota, we’d like to offer a tool in the form of a Self-History Interview to help us begin recording the daily lived experiences during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Right now we have no way of knowing how significant of an event this may be, but we want to ensure we leave behind plenty of written records of the actual Pope County experience for future scholars and historians.

Click the link below for a digital copy of our COVID-19 Self-History Interview, or keep scrolling to see the guided questions to get you started so you can record your own history in this moment.
You don’t have to answer each questions – or even stick to the questions. Just start writing or typing your story. You will be glad you did.


Please consider donating a copy of your responses (if local to Pope County, MN) to the Pope County Historical Society, MN. If not local to Pope County, MN, please feel free to use this form and send it on to your local historical archive should they want it.

You can mail a copy of your interview to:
Pope County Historical Society
809 South Lakeshore Drive
Glenwood, MN 56334

Or email a copy of your self-history interview to


Self-History Interview Worksheet in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020
(Please feel encouraged to repeat the self-history interview throughout the event. Be as specific and thorough about documenting your thoughts as possible. There are no right or wrong answers. Tangents are okay. Attaching more paper is okay.)

Whose experience is being recorded?
Who is doing the recording?
When/Where is this experience being recorded?

How have I adapted my life so far? Have I had to change my daily routine? How so?

What does my daily life usually look like? What does it look like right now?

What do I think about the current situation? Broadly? Specifically?

What am I afraid of? Broadly? Specifically?

How am I handling the situation? Am I working on certain projects? How am I passing my time? Am I helping others?

Am I staying isolated for my safety or the safety of those close to me?

How do I feel about official responses?

Does this pandemic remind me of anything else?

What is my plan moving forward?

What are my hopes for the future?


The legal release below is incredibly important should this self-history interview ever be used in a future study, archive, book, exhibit, documentary, etc. whether 50 years from now or 150 years.

I, ________________________, do hereby irrevocably release, assign, give and convey to The Pope County Historical Society, any and all right, title, and interest, including any copyright or intellectual property interest, in the self-history interviews attached. I understand that the Interviews will be deposited in the Pope County Historical Society for the use of future scholars and may be used for any lawful purpose in all forms and media including but not limited to public presentations, audio or video documentaries, CD-ROMs, internet publications, slide-tape presentations, exhibits, and advertising and related promotion through the world in perpetuity. I expressly authorize disclosure of the Interviews to meet these purposes to the extent that the Interviews would be considered an education record under federal law.

Date: ________________

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