Log Building Emptying

Our dream of building a new Agricultural Building is getting closer.

The current structure is unstable and has not been open to the public for many years. It needs to be replaced. Our current board is taking steps to make a new exhibit building a reality. They are organizing a fundraising campaign and finalizing building plans. (Please consider contributing to the building fund.)

Today, there is a team working to empty the building to prepare for demolition later this spring. It is fun to see how quickly the packed building empties out.

2017-12-19 2

The Log Building was packed with artifacts.

2017-12-19 3

You can see the gaps in the logs in the back wall. Building replacement is an imminent need.

2018-1-20 8

We may be able to host a barn dance yet!

2018-1-20 1

Artifacts will temporarily reside in a secure shipping container.

Some of the larger items will remain in the building until just before demolition, but it is a relief to have so many of the smaller items tucked away in a safe location until we have a new, structurally sound building.


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1 Response to Log Building Emptying

  1. Beth Wigner says:

    This museum rocks!! We already loved Glenwood MN, and Peter’s Sunset Beach and found this wonderful gem of a museum. Do give it a look see, history culture and genealogy assistance. WONDERFUL folks to help. Prairie Village , Kansas

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