Bell for sale

003.JPGWe have in our possession a lovely school/church bell in need of a new home.

Museum staff and the all-volunteer Collection Committee have been carefully refining the collection, removing poor quality, duplicate artifacts or items with no known Pope County connection. This action is not taken lightly. There are strict policy procedures in place and each artifact is approved by staff, committee and the board of directors. The artifacts are documented thoroughly and staff makes every effort to contact the original donor to return the items.

This bell is one of those items. We have several similar bells in our collection and this one has no known donor and no known Pope County story, so it has been “deaccessioned” or removed from the collection.

Since there is no known donor, we can’t return it, so it will be offered for sale at our Silent Auction / Open House.

The bell itself is 14″ high and 21.5″ in diameter. The stand is 28.75″ across the front and 16″ along the side. The pulley is 18″ in diameter. It has a #22 yoke.

The clapper is intact and it rings beautifully. Everything appears to be in working order.

The silent auction begins at noon on Tuesday, November 28th and ends promptly at 3 p.m. on Saturday, December 2nd at our Holiday Open House.

If you have any questions about the bell, the silent auction, or the collection policy, please contact us at 320-634-3293 or popecountymuseum (at)

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