Thank you, Gavin

002.JPGGavin Jensen just completed his summer internship with us. He will be returning to Hamline University this fall for his Junior year where he is studying Law and History.

We are honored that he chose to spend the summer interning here and we put him to good use.

His major project was to research and create an exhibit on the Villard and Glenwood Masonic Lodges and help us go through the extensive collection of artifacts recently donated by the Glenwood Lodge.


We are happy to announce that his exhibit is now on display at the Pope County Museum. (Information on other fraternal and service organizations will be added soon.)

Gavin also assisted with behind the scenes projects such as cleaning firearms in the collection, accessioning new donations, writing our weekly “Museum Notes” column, and doing a bit of heavy lifting as we re-arrange the new exhibit space in the museum.

Please stop in to the museum and see the new exhibit.


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