McLaury Building site

Glenwood 150th logoThis post is part of a collection of posts written in 2016 for Glenwood’s 150 year celebration. To see the map and full list of locations included in the walking tour, click here.

McLaury Building on South Franklin Street

35a Village Patio

The McLaury Building on South Franklin Street was built in 1909 by Glenwood Postmaster Eilert Koefod to house the Glenwood Post Office. The building burned on May 4, 1958 and was torn down in October 1959. It is now used as outdoor patio space for the Village Inn.

Tenants included: Glenwood Post Office 1909-1929, A.S. Nelson photographer 1909-1915, O.B. Olson Clothing 1913-1916, Voss Photography 1915-?, Setter Drug 1928-1947, Anderson Hardware 1930?-1933, Wikman Hardware1934-1938, Gundersen Hardware 1938-?, Attorney E.R. Selnes, Sam Kroonblawd – 1913, J.R. Elsey 1913-?, Attorney Herman A Senneka, Finden Cleaners and Tailors, Knutson Electrical & Heating.

PC 150th FINAL

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1 Response to McLaury Building site

  1. Harold Rippe says:

    I was on Fire Dept. when bldg burned down. There are photos of me on roof with hose.

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