Masonic Lodge / American Legion

Glenwood 150th logoThis post is part of a collection of posts written in 2016 for Glenwood’s 150 year celebration. To see the map and full list of locations included in the walking tour, click here.

Masonic Hall / School – 133 East Minnesota Avenue

17a IMG_0560 MasonicThe American Legion Memorial building was constructed in 1947. It served the American Legion until 2006 when they sold the building to the Glenwood Valley Lodge of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and constructed a new building on Highway 55. The upper floor of this building was used a classroom for upper elementary students in the 1940s and 50’s. In 2015, the Masons sold the building to the City of Glenwood. It may soon be demolished to expand the Fire Station.

The Johnson-Roll-Dougherty American Legion Post was organized in 1919 and named for local men killed in World War I. Charter members included: J.R. Elsey, E.W. Sather, J.A. Torguson, F.P. Serrin, L.M. Farmer, M.P. Ostrun, G.H. Ladd, J.F. Nason, F.T. Swenson, E.M. Wollan, O. Gilbertson, G. Jenson, N.W. Peterson, A.E. Westby, J.W. Stinson and C.J. Ostrom. Before constructing this building, they met in various places around town including, Commerical Club rooms, Odd Fellows Hall, the Courthouse, the Public Library, Rodgers Hotel, City Hall and City Park.

The Glenwood Valley Lodge of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons was chartered in 1888. The first meeting took place at Myron Hall on North Franklin Street. They also met in rooms over the First National Bank (the bakery building), the Furtney Building (on the south east corner of Minnesota and Franklin) and the Fremad Building. They held meeting in the American Legion hall and then purchased the building in 2006. The lodge closed in 2015 and was absorbed by the Constellation Lodge in Alexandria.

Charter members included: John Q. Hook, Marcus Tracy, Matthew Christilaw, Carl L.Peterson, Peter Peterson, James Crozier, William K. Whitmor, Erick Henderson, Ole Gilbertson, Kirk J. Kinney, Martin Ward, William F. Dougherty, Charles Reeves, Peter P. Johnson, Joseph Peacock, T.H. Thompson, and John C. Eden.

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  1. Jerry Wright says:

    The Mjosen Lodge of Sons of Norway held their monthly gatherings in the lower level between mid 1960s thru 2000

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