Weddings Across the Years

The Ann Bickle Heritage House is presenting an exhibit of wedding dresses and photographs through the month of July. ABHH is open 10-1 each Saturday. Stop in and see  the beautiful and interesting dresses.

Five dresses from our collection will be featured as part of the exhibit which extends throughout the 1913 Frank Bickle home.

002The first dress is from Frances Fraser’s wedding to Frank Eddy on June 28, 1886.  It is one of the oldest in our collection, and the oldest dress in the exhibit. In 1894, Frank Eddy was elected as the first United States Representative from Minnesota who was a native of the state. After his time in Congress, the Eddy’s purchased the Sauk Centre Herald which they published until 1916.


The second dress was worn by Louise Thompson when she married Sam Flom in December of 1902. Each of her daughters wore the dress at their own weddings: Marjorie to Marvin Ettesvold in 1933, Hazel to Arnold Hedine in 1937, Sylvia to Arthur Long in 1941 and Mildred to Jon Johannesson in 1959.


The next dress is from 1910. It was worn by Emma Peterson when she married August Frykman. The dress was made locally in Pope County.


This colorful dress was worn my Ellen Swihart when she married Maurice Swanson April 22, 1930.  Maurice & Ellen had a jewelry store in Glenwood and doubtless sold many sets of wedding bands to area couples.


The final dress that we contributed to the exhibit was worn by Mildred Ekeberg when she married John Gaasland in Olso July 16, 1961.
She and a friend were taking a trip to Norway and had their fortune read in their tea leaves at the Nanking restaurant in Minneapolis before departing. The fortune teller said she would meet the love of her life on the trip. She met him the next day at the train station. They got to know each other on the trip to Norway, and he proposed when they arrived. They were married in the chapel of the Oslo Cathedral. Quite a trip.





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3 Responses to Weddings Across the Years

  1. Barbara McLaury says:

    Love the dress display. Great stories!!!❤️

  2. Linda Flom Dow says:

    One slight correction it should read Hazel Flom to Arnold Hedine on the blue dress

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