Glenwood Public Library

 Glenwood 150th logoThis post is part of a collection of posts written in 2016 for Glenwood’s 150 year celebration. To see the map and full list of locations included in the walking tour, click here.

Glenwood Public Library – 108 First Avenue SE

10b aug8017Glenwood’s Carnegie Library was built in 1908 and expanded in 1998. Local residents requested funds to build the library from Andrew Carnegie who offered to build a library for any town which could provide a site and commit to public funding to operate it. It was designed by A.S. Foss of Elbow Lake as a Neo-Classical Revival building. Symmetrically placed rectangular windows at the main level are in recessed panels. The entrance pavilion houses a recessed entrance with the name “Carnegie” over the door and two concrete ionic columns. A complete pediment at the top of the pavilion features three projecting acanthus leaves at the points of the pediment. A dentillated cornice and wide frieze board circumvent the structure, with the words “Glenwood Public Library” on the frieze of the pavilion. The interior of the building retains most original structural features.

Once the funding was approved in 1907, the community couldn’t wait10a Library (2) for the building and immediately bought 125 books through the State Library Commission and started a temporary library, run out of the Glenwood State Bank. The initial order of book included 25 books for young readers, 25 boy’s books, 25 books for adults and 25 books in Norwegian.

LibraryThe Glenwood Public Library is a member of the Viking Library System, a regional lending network. There are 24,000 books, tapes and movies available on site and access to thousands more through inter-library loan. The library offer computers, e-books and digital audiobooks. Over 77,000 items are checked out each year. The Glenwood Public Library was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. (Click to see the application.)

“The Glenwood Carnegie Library opened in August 1908 thanks to a $10,000 donation from Andrew Carnegie, which paid for nearly all of the $10, 551.30 building.”

The Glenwood Public Library is one of the few Carnegie Libraries in the country that is still used as a public library.

Before the library was built, the site was home to Glenwood’s Fire Department.

First Fire House

Glenwood Fire Station, pre-1908.

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