First Street Law / Carson Building


Glenwood 150th logoThis post is part of a collection of posts written in 2016 for Glenwood’s 150 year celebration. To see the map and full list of locations included in the walking tour, click here

First Street Law / Carson Land Office – 16 First Street SE

Carson Land OfficeWilliam J. Carson came to Glenwood in 1882 to manage the lands owned by the Manitoba Railway Company. (Also known as the Great Northern, this railroad barely crossed the southwest corner of Pope County, but the Federal Government granted it land throughout the area to sell to raise money for its construction and operation.) His business was headquartered here.

12a Carson Land Office fixedThe building is constructed of “Aiton Bricks” made right here in Glenwood.

In Glenwood bricks have been made by John Aiton since 1876. The clay occurs on a hillside which in large part is till. It is in the northeast part of the village, about 50 feet above the lake. Next below the soil is almost horizontally laminated yellowish clay, of which a thickness of 4 feet is used. It contains in some portions streaks and tubular 12b Carson ad001concretions of iron-oxide (limonite), and the lower part of this four feet is somewhat sandy. Still deeper the clay becomes more sandy and includes limy concretions. Fifteen feet below the surface, it is underlain by gray or bluish sand. No sand is mixed with the clay for brick-making. The product in 1879 was 300,000, sold at $7 to $10 per thousand. These are cream-colored bricks, varying in tint from greenish near the fire to reddish in the outer part of the kiln. (A Report on the Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota, 1882-1885, The Geology of Minnesota, Volume II, N. H. Winchell and Warren Upham, Pioneer Press Company, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1888, Page 497)

Other businesses that have occupied this building include Dr. Green’s dental clinic and Anfindson, Thompson Accounting.

IMG_0554 Court StreetThe building has been restored and is occupied by First Street Law, a new law firm established with some familiar faces.  Attorneys Todd Roth and Nan Haggerty along with legal assistant Kris Gobel have teamed up to provide legal representation for estate planning, real estate, small business and family law.  Todd Roth is also the Glenwood City attorney.


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