Ben Franklin Building

Glenwood 150th logoThis post is part of a collection of posts written in 2016 for Glenwood’s 150 year celebration. To see the map and full list of locations included in the walking tour, click here.

Ben Franklin Building – 2 East Minnesota Avenue

22f IMG_0609 Meco7 Ben FranklinBuilt in 1947 for Ben Franklin store, it has been converted into several smaller spaces – currently occupied by Meco7, The Valley Troll, Amy Winter photography, Hearing Connect, and Bernie’s Book Keeping and Tax Preparations.

Trenham J

First Building in Glenwood. Built in 1866. Photo from 1876.

The first building in Glenwood was built on this site. It started as the “Kinney and Lathrop store building”, used by Sam Johnston for a general store until purchased by the Wollan Brothers., who formed the “Fremad Association” (Fremad means “forward”). According to the Wollan family files, it was purchased in 1872 by Michael and Casper Wollan, but they moved to a new location in 1874 as the Fremad Association expanded.

It operated as the Peterson and Stensing Hardware Store in 1876, when Alexandria Photographer N.J Trenham photographed Glenwood.

In 1886, Myron Hardware stood on this site. The building also housed the Glenwood Drugstore, and Reeves law office. The Glenwood Herald was published on the second floor, for a time. It had retail space downstairs and a ballroom / meeting space and offices upstairs

2012.3723.020McNitt Building

.Downtown 1889

Joseph Furtney either completely renovated the building or tore it down to build another large, 2 story building on this site between 1918-1920. Attorney Joe McNitt purchased the building in 1937 and converted the “Uptown Ballroom” on the second floor into apartments.

22c 04 16 2016 012

1942 Fire

That building was destroyed by fire in 1942. Businesses in the building at the time: Klug’s Café in the basement where the fire started, Corner Drug Store, Baum’s Barber Shop, The Northern State Power office, and Flaten’s Fashionette. 5 apartments and several offices upstairs were also destroyed.

22d Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin Building. Built in 1947.

PC 150th FINAL

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