Send a card to the future

If you send out Holiday cards with a family photo or a letter summarizing your year, please send (or drop off) a copy to the Pope County Museum. We will place it in your family file. (Did you know we keep files on all Pope County residents – past and present?)

The card will be here for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren when they come to research their family history.

Imagine what a treasure it would be if you had a collection of letters written by your great-grandparents explaining what they did each year!

Someday, your letters will be a treasure to future generations. Let us keep them safe for you…for them.

You are welcome to add more information to your family file at any time. Memoirs, family photos, family trees, a paper printout of your blog or facebook page, Christmas letters…anything you would like saved for for future generations.

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1 Response to Send a card to the future

  1. cmori54 says:

    Is there an index to the Pope County residents file? I wonder if there is anything in the file regarding my family. According to the 1920 Census my great-grandfather, George Washington Green and his family resided in Hoff Township. George was a minister with the Church of God.

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