Roofing Project!

003At long last, our roof will be replaced!

It was severely damaged in the August 1, 2011 storm. Immediately after the storm, Merlin and I came in and inspected the museum and grounds. We lost several trees, but miraculously, not one of them hit a structure.

Unfortunately, the strong winds lifted off a corner of the building and folded back a portion of the roof. We had the roof patched right away to protect the artifacts, but needed a complete replacement.storm 2 011

After extensive fundraising and negotiations with the Pope County Commissioners, the project will begin on Tuesday morning.

Pope County residents, please contact your County Commissioners and let them know how important it is that they continue their support of the Historical Society and help to maintain the building that houses our county’s treasures.

Here is their contact information taken directly from the Pope County website.

District 1 : (White Bear Lake, Minnewaska, Starbuck)
Larry Kittelson (320) 239-2138

District 2: (City of Glenwood, Precinct #1, NE, SE & SW Quadrants)
Gordy Wagner (320) 634-3008

District 3: (Lake Johanna, Gilchrist, Chippewa Falls, Glenwood TWP, Sedan, Bangor, Grove Lake)
Paul Gerde (320) 278-3762

District 4: (Nora, New Prairie, Walden, Blue Mounds, Barsness, Ben Wade, Hoff, Langhei, Lowry Rolling Forks, Cyrus & Farwell)
Larry Lindor (320) 795-2495

Distric 5: (Reno, Leven, Westport TWP, Villard, Westport City Long Beach, City of Glenwood, Precinct #2 NW Quadrant)
Cody Rogahn (320) 634-0312

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