The Babies Hatched!

006For the past several weeks, we have been watching a pair of Killdeer and their nest with 4 eggs. The speckled eggs matched the stones on the ground almost exactly. The nest is hard to spot, even when you know where to look.

Brent placed a flag out near the nest and we have warned visitors to stay clear of the area.

The parents make such a commotion when anyone gets near the nest. They flop on the 005ground and squeak, acting like they are wounded in an attempt to draw the predator (in this case – me) toward them and away from the nest.

Today, after opening the outside buildings for visitors, Brent announced that the babies had hatched, so I ran out to snap a picture.

The little birds lay perfectly still in the nest. They never moved or made a sound while their parents made a racket, trying to draw me away. I quickly left them alone.



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2 Responses to The Babies Hatched!

  1. Sharon Brainard says:

    They are so much fun to watch! They hatch and off they go!

  2. Mike Brubaker says:

    This is very cool. Thank you for this interesting update.

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