Mr. Rue’s or Mr. Airs’ House

Trenham T - LabelsThis week’s photo is “Residences at Mr. Rue’s at the Sulfur Springs” from 1876.
According to J.G. Whittemore in 1940, “This was Stilman Ayres’ home on the hill north of Glenwood Fish Hatchery. I remember this place years ago when the Kaldahl boys ran the town herd of cattle. Pictured are George Rue, Lorenzo Stilman Ayers, Elder Lathrop, Mrs. Amanda Rue Ayres and N.W. Scott.”

Some sources say that once Rue proved up his homestead, Stilman Ayres managed it for him, so it could indeed be Mr. Ayres home on the Rue homestead. An article in the February, 1876 Chicago Commercial Advertiser mentions the springs: “Just below the village, near the lake-side, are white sulfur, iron and magnesia springs, which are beginning to attract attention, and whose medical qualities are attested by quite remarkable results to the invalids who have visited them. These spring surrounded as they are by the most charming lake, forest and bluff scenery, will someday fall into the hand of capital and enterprise to make them a perpetual fortune to the village, the owner and the invalid world. They are at present the property of Mr. Rue, who will sell them at a reasonable figure.”Trenham T

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