Mr. Lathrop’s House

Trenham Q - LabelsThis week’s photo is “Residence of Mr. Lathrop’s” from 1876. This house stood on Lot 8 Block 28. That is to say -the north side of 2nd Ave SW between 1st and 2nd streets, very close to the city park.

In 1866, A.W. (Alfred W.) Lathrop owned the NW 1/4 of Section 7 Township 125, range 37

Site of the Lathrop house in 2015.

Site of the Lathrop house in 2015.

The yellow section is the original plat of Glenwood.

The yellow section is the original plat of Glenwood.

and Kirk J. Kinney owned the SE & NE 1/4s of Section 12 Township 125, range 38. That is a fancy way of saying that Lathrop owned that land that would include 12 blocks of the original in NE Glenwood and Kinney owned the rest of the original plat. They joined their land together and make the original plat of Glenwood (seen here in yellow). The plat was filed December 13, 1866. That date could be considered Glenwood’s Birthday.

Several copies of this photo call this the house of A.W. Lathrop. A.W. Lathrop and his family appeared in both Glenwood and Trenham B - Labelsin Chippewa County – Benson Township in the 1870 census.  By 1875, they were firmly established in Appelton in Swift County. So – it appears that while A.W. was responsible for platting the town, he moved on to other areas rather quickly. According to the county tax records, in 1876 when this photo was taken, the land on which this house was built belonged to E. Lathrop – or Ebenezer (father of A.W.) and was sold to A.C. (Alfred Crofts) Lathrop. So, it is definitely a Mr. Lathrop’s house, although we are not certain WHICH Lathrop lived there when the photograph was taken. Trenham Q

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