Glenwood History Book Available for Preorder

The Pope County Historical Society is taking pre-orders for: “Through the Tourists’ Eyes: Glenwood Minnesota” a photographic history of Glenwood. Written and compiled by Todd Gylsen, the book shows the history of Glenwood over the past 150 years through the eyes of the tourist.

Order your copy before June 1st and receive a discount. The book will retail for $40 +tax, but before June 1, the price will be $35 +tax. Contact the Pope County Museum, or stop by the Pope County Museum booth at the Pope County Expo on April 11th for more information.

Nearly 150 years ago, Alfred Lathrop and Kirk Kinney laid out the town site of Glenwood, Minnesota. In the intervening years, Glenwood has grown into a vibrant community.

This hard cover, coffee table book by Todd Gylsen will approach Glenwood history from a unique angle, this book seeks to illustrate the history of Glenwood as seen by tourists.

Looking at Glenwood through the tourist’s eye allows Gylsen to examine the changes in transportation, amenities, businesses, and scenic areas of Glenwood over time. These changes had profound impact on local residents as well as tourists. Glenwood continues to change—and to attract visitors.

It is fascinating to ponder what changes will occur in the next 150 years.

Click  the Flyer to download a printable order form.

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2 Responses to Glenwood History Book Available for Preorder

  1. Dave Hough says:

    Is this book still available?

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