School House 1876

Trenham D - Labels The next photo in the series of Glenwood Photographs taken in 1876 by N.J. Trenham, is the “Second Schoolhouse”. According to J.G. Whittemore in 1940, Professor Thacker is the man in the photo. Another label noted that it was built on bonds for $4,000 by J. Hildon in 1873. The Glenwood graded school was built in 1874 and stood on lot 6 of block 33 until it was torn down in 1910. That is the corner of First Street and Third Avenue SE where the ECFE / Minnewaska Preschool stands today.

School House site in 2015.

School House site in 2015.

A later photograph of the second school.

A later photograph of the second school. Note the addition.

The first school in Glenwood was organized in 1867, in 1868 the first building was constructed just to the east of where the Sacred Hart Rectory stands today. It burned in 1873 and was replaced by the building in this photo. High School classes were first offered here in 1877. By 1899 the community needed a larger school and a combination grade and high school building was constructed where the condominiums at Central Square now stand. (That building burned in 1935 and the current Central Square building with the auditorium was constructed in 1936.) The High School (the part that was raised in 1992) was built in 1916. The construction of the auditorium in 1936 connected the high school with the grade school.

New Schoolhouse (1910) where ECFE building now stand.

New Schoolhouse (1910) where ECFE building now stands.

But I digress…When the second school (the one in the pictures and the actual subject of this blog) was torn down in 1910, it was replaced with a larger school on the same site. This on had 5 classrooms and a gymnasium. Children in grades 1-6 from the south side of town attended class in this building, while children from the north side attended school in the main complex on the north side until the 1936 building was completed. From 1936 until the new elementary school was built in 1964, all students 1-12 attended class in the main school which is now Central Square.

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