Rue Drugstore

Trenham L - LabelsThis week’s photo in the series of Glenwood Photographs taken in 1876 by N.J. Trenham, is the “Residence of H.N. Rue and Drug Store” It was located where Eagle Bank plaza is today.

The sign on the building reads: “Drugs Patent Medicines Yankee Notions.”

Newspaper ad from 1876

Newspaper ad from 1876

According the J.G. Whittemore, this is the George Rue & Family Home located on lot 1 block 23. It was also a grocery and patent medicine store. Pictured are H.N. Rue, N.W. Scott, Joseph Peacock and the children Rosie and Bessie Rue.

There is an article about this building in the April 3, 1924 Glenwood Herald. Page 1. In the article. several old timers share recollections of the hotel attached to the back to the log cabin. By the time this photo was taken in 1876, it was no longer used as a hotel.

According to the book “100 Years of Greatness,” this was the third building constructed in Glenwood. It was torn down in 1883 to make room for the Minton hotel which stood on this site from 1883 – 1970.

Minton Hotel

Minton Hotel

The Rues also owned the land to the south – the building is just visible to the left of the log cabin. In another photo, the word “HOTEL” is clearly written on the top of that two storey building.

It is possible that both buildings were used as hotels at various times. It IS known that George Rue and/or his son Henry N. operated a hotel in Glenwood known as “The Soliders Home” in honor of the many sons of George Rue who served in the Civil War.

The site of Rue's Drugstore  in 2015.

The site of Rue’s Drugstore in 2015.

Trenham L

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  1. Shirlee Swanberg says:

    I think you should run an article on Pope County History and buildings that used to be in Glenwood,
    once a month. (with pictures of course)

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