Stensing and Peterson Hardware Store

Trenham J - LabelsThis week’s photo in the series of Glenwood Photographs taken in 1876 by N.J. Trenham, is the “Peterson and Stensing Hardware Store”. It was located where Mecco 7 is today – the former Ben Franklin building.

According to J.G. Whittmore in an 1940 interview, this is Stinson (Stensing) and Peterson’s Hardware store and was located on Lot 5 block 24. Later is was used for Rigg Brothers and Webster Hardware Store. Pictured L-R: Mr. Peterson, George Thompson and Mr. Stinson (Stensing).

The hardware store site in 2015.

The hardware store site in 2015.

Newspaper as from 1876

Newspaper ad from 1876

This building was located on the southeast corner of Minnesota Avenue and Franklin Street – facing Franklin Street. In the Pope County centinnial book “100 Years of Greatness,” this building is listed as being the very first one constructed in Glenwood. It started as the “Kinney and Lathrop store building”, used by Sam Johnston for a general store until purchased by the Wollan Brothers., who formed the “Fremad Association” (Fremad means “forward”). According to the Wollan family files, it was purchased in 1872 by Michael and Casper Wollan, but they moved to a new location in 1874 as the Fremad Association expanded.

According to the tax records, Wollan Brothers purchased the north part of the lot between 1872 and 1874 and the Fremad Association bought the south part in 1875. So the Wollans owned the land, and probably the building, but the business was run by Peterson and Stensing in 1876.Trenham J

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