N.W. Scott House

Trenham I - LabelsThis week’s photo in the series of Glenwood Photographs taken in 1876 by N.J. Trenham, is the “N.W. Scott Residence and the Printing Office.” N.W. Scott was the publisher & editor of the Pope County Press from 1874-1884.

The house was located on the North side of 1st Ave SW between Franklin and 1st Street. Where Someplace Safe office / back of Tom’s Food Pride is located today.

The houses's location as it is in 2015. Tom's Foodpride occupies the space today.

The houses’s location as it is in 2015. Tom’s Foodpride occupies the space today.

The building was moved to lot 8 and used as the north wing of the Frank Eddy residence. It later became part of the Glenwood Funeral Home. Frank Eddy was clerk of the district court in Pope County from 1884-1894 and in 1894, Eddy was elected as the first United States Representative from Minnesota who was a native of the state.

Trenham IMr. & Mrs. Scott and their daughters are in the photo.

The Pope County Press was published from 1874 to at least 1885. Chas. G. Parke took over for N.W. Scott in March of 1884. It was an avowed Repbulican newspaper.

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