View from near Dr. Whittemore’s

Trenham C - LabelsThis photograph shows the village Glenwood in 1876. The road leading away from the viewer is now Franklin Avenue / Highway 104 heading north. Most of the buildings on the left – middle of the image are along First Avenue NW.

The first home to the far left was the Scott house and printing office, then Sheriff Joe Peackock’s home, then the Emmerson and Tollefson Store. All of these buildings will be featured in future posts.

The next house from the left is in the foreground. The land at that time was owned by Lathrop & Kinney. I am not certain who owned or lived in the house.

The next building from the left is the large, white Fremad building. Behind it are Rue’s Trenham CHotel and Rue’s drugstore. Across the street from Rue’s drugstore is Riggs Hardware store. The next in line, out by itself is Halterman’s house, also known as the Court house. Then there are two homes behind a knoll, the closest house is the Rising house, and the one behind it is the house of Rev. Alfred C. Lathrop. Durkee Hotel and Bartkey’s hall are on the hill to the right. The low building in front of them is Stanley’s Horseshoeing Shop. (Most of this information was from J.G. Whittemore in 1940.)
Dr. Whittemore’s house was located on lots 6 & 7 of block 35. The corner of Franklin Street and 4th Ave SE. The current location of the entrance to Ridgewood Villa. (WPA papers)

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