Trenham photos – 1876

Trenham AIn August of 1876, Newton Trenham (an Alexandria based photographer) came to Glenwood and shot photographs of most of the buildings in town. At that time, Glenwood was already 10 years old. It was platted in 1866 by Kirk Kinney and Alfred Lathrop.

Westport, Villard, Starbuck and Cyrus came into existence 6 years later in 1882, with the coming of the Northern Pacific Rail Road.

Sedan, Lowry and Farwell were organized 10 years later in 1886-87 when the Soo Line Rail Road came through.

So – although there were certainly homes, stores, hotels and mills in other parts of the county, Glenwood was the only organized village in 1876.

Starting in January, I will highlight one photograph each week and give you a glimse into very early Glenwood.

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