Lee Paulson photo collection

With the passing of Lee Paulson, longtime Glenwood English teacher and theater director,  many people are sharing their memories in face to face conversations throughout the community and in virtual conversations on-line.

001Yesterday, his family gifted a large stack of photo albums and boxes of photos from his collection. There are production and backstage photos from High School and community plays dating back to the 1950s. It is a real treasure for the museum, and we are grateful to his family for sharing them with us.

Sorting and identifying these photos will take a long time, but we encourage his former thespians to come in and help us identify the plays and the actors/crew members depicted in the photos.

All three staff members here at the museum have been involved in theater through the years and are able to identify many of the faces in the images. We enjoyed looking through the images this morning as a stroll down memory lane.


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7 Responses to Lee Paulson photo collection

  1. Jerry Martinek says:

    Lee and I discussed a project to label those pictures a couple years ago, but, alas, he couldn’t locate the pictures when I stopped by to get them! But, I do have a spreadsheet that I put together that lists the names and years of all the class plays involved during the years he taught. Appears I can’t attach it to this email, but if you will give me an email address where I can send it, it will save you the time of looking through all the yearbooks trying to identify which productions were when.

    • Ann says:

      Our email address is popecountymuseum (at) gmail.com.
      Sorry to have to write it funny like that, but we get spammed like crazy if I actually post it.

  2. Harold Rippe says:

    Thanks for the update.

  3. The photo of the guy in the flannel is myself, Spencer Kramber, and the girl with me is Shana Erickson. It’s from the MAHS production of “Rebel Without a Cause” in ’94. Please let me know if you need help with anything from 1989-94. Thanks.

    • Ann says:

      Let us know when you are going to be in town and we will pull all the pictures out for you. I think you would enjoy looking through them.

  4. Joanna says:

    Its too bad my Grandpa, Bob Robards wasn’t still alive. He’d love to help! I bet he’s even in some 🙂

    • Ann says:

      He was indeed in many of the plays. I have wonderful memories of your grandfather in “Once Upon A Matress.” He was one of my favorite people and we miss him greatly here at the museum.

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