New exhibit under construction

Print exhibit 1 007Once upon a time, to print multiple copies of anything, people used printing presses. From the time of Gutenberg, moveable type was set into place by hand, coated with ink, and paper was pressed against the surface to transfer the ink to the paper.

Newspapers were hand set, one letter at a time.

Once our new exhibit is in place, you can come into the Pope County Museum and hand set letters one at a time, spin the flywheel on the printing press and watch the ink rollers roll smoothly over the letters.

Right now….Clint Folin’s printing press and typecases



are in our rotunda. I am working  to clean and prepare the pieces for the new exhibit. It is a definitely a work in progress but feel free to stop in a check out the tiny little letters. It really makes me appreciate word processing!Print exhibit 1 005

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