Glenwood High School song 1936

I recently came across a page of cheers and songs “to bring to pep fest” from 1936.

Here are the words to the school song as printed on that sheet:

There are many hills and waters
But none that can compare
to our dear old Minnewaska
With her hills so green and fair
‘Twas there our fathers founded
A school whose growing name
Is now and ever will be
Winning Glenwood greater fame.

Oh! Glenwood’s going to win tonight
Shout the cry of victory
We have the team, we have the pep
So win it ought to be
Rah! Rah!
So keep our fighting spirit
And beat them through and through
So Fight! Fight! Fight! with all your might
For the orange and the blue

In 1940, the last line was changed to “Gold and the Blue” – which remained Glenwood’s colors until the school closed in 1991.

The team was called the “Soo Liners” in the mid 1940’s and became the Lakers in 1947.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Thanks for sharing Ann

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