Summertime at the Museum

The Pope County Museum is bustling with summer activity!  Free admission to the museum is in effect again this summer.

Hot on the heels of spring school tours (over 400 visitors in two weeks!), the museum is now filled with summer visitors and researchers.  Stories of the Silver Beach Resort, a crushing tragedy in 1944, and school reunion planning fill the research library.

Ballroom Dance Club exhibit in progress.

Ballroom Dance Club exhibit in progress.

A new exhibit for the 30th anniversary of the Lakeside Dance Club, and extra board of directors meetings to revise our long range plan occupy the meeting room. Visitors from across the U.S. and a couple of other continents have toured the museum gallery.

The Valdres Stevne is on the tour calendar this week.  Researchers have set appointments for extra help.  A crew of volunteers help to keep the museum running.  Margaret Claeson and Mary Smith keep the family files up to date.  Terry Hanna and Grace Hafstad are scanning and indexing the photograph collection to make it easier to find family and community photos.  We are working closely with Barsness Lutheran Church on a pilot project to preserve their extensive collection of confirmation, cradle roll and church event photographs.

1939 Aerial photo of Glenwood.

1939 Aerial photo of Glenwood.

We are also assisting the Cyrus Public School preserve its history in photos and documents as they merge with the Morris Area Schools.  And last week a large collection of 1939 aerial photographs arrived!

The museum inventory project is nearing a milestone.  Phyllis Sorensen and Gail Larson are assisting Ann Grandy.  Every object in the museum will soon be part of a searchable database.  Even the storage areas have been completely revamped to make things accessible whether on display or not.  Lars Johnson, Starbuck, has joined museum staff for the summer with the CEP program.  Lars is taking inventory of the framed photo collection.

New coat of pain on the Soo Line caboose.

New coat of pain on the Soo Line caboose.

Dave Cooley, Dave Lent and Howard Opdahl are keeping the museum buildings and grounds in top shape.  Dave Cooley has replaced the roof on the Soo Line caboose and is nearly finished painting it.  The school roof is the next project in line for this summer.  If you have skills or interest in cedar shingle roofing, we would welcome your help with this project.

It is rewarding to have “our little museum” busy with visitors and volunteers making use of the great collection of artifacts and archives collected through the years.  The story of our county is richly illustrated and well documented at the Pope County Museum.

Stop in to see us this summer!

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