Legacy Grant!

Legacy grant awards were announced yesterday. PCHS was awarded $81,391 to replace and upgrade our heating system. Thank you Minnesota Voters!!

Fixing our failing heating system will protect our artifacts from the extreme temperature changes that take place when the heat periodically shuts off throughout the winter. It will also make it considerably more comfortable for staff, volunteers and visitors now that we’ll be able to maintain consistent temperatures.

Other Pope County organizations were also successful. The County received $152,655 to restore the North Entrance to the Courthouse and the Ann Bickle Heritage House received $18,810 to re shingle the roof of the historic house.

History of the Legacy Fund: In November 2008, Minnesotans passed the clean water, land, and legacy amendment to the Minnesota Constitution.  As a result, over the next twenty-five years, 3/8 of one percent of the state’s sales tax will be dedicated as follows:
33 percent to a clean water fund,
33 percent to an outdoor heritage fund,
14.25 percent to a parks and trails fund, and
19.75 percent to an arts and cultural heritage fund

Proceeds from the arts and cultural heritage fund “may be spent only on arts, arts education and arts access and to preserve Minnesota’s history and cultural heritage.”

View the entire list of recipients.

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