Pope County Historical Society Receives Grant

The Minnesota Historical Society awarded a Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grant in the amount of $7000 to the Pope County Historical Society. The grant was approved by the Society’s awards committee on October 27 and will help replace the museum roof. The Pope County Historical Society is raising $150,000 to complete this project. Appeal letters were sent countywide last week and response is already strong. We are excited to add this grant award to fund.

Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grants are made possible by the Minnesota Legislature from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund created with passage of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution in November 2008. The grants are awarded to support projects of enduring value for the cause of history and historic preservation across the state.

By the way – Only a small part of the Legacy fund goes to history museums, but all of Minnesota’s 87 counties have received Legacy funding for history projects. If you are a Minnesotan, please take a moment to remind the Governor and your Legislators that Legacy money is for the arts and for the protection of our cultural, historical and environmental resources, not for sports stadiums. Making small history museums compete with multi-million dollar sports teams for money is not fair and not in the spirit of the Legacy Amendment.

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