School Tours

Fall school tours have started. Last week we hosted the Minnewaska Area 6th graders on Wednesday and the after school program on Thursday. The 6th graders from Minnewaska are one of my favorite groups. This year’s group was especially respectful. They paid attention, asked great questions and really knew their Minnesota history. It was really fun to bring out the family files for each student. They had a great time looking at themselves in past newspaper clippings.

(YES! We still clip local newspapers every week to add to files – history has not stopped. Today’s current events are tomorrow’s historical events.)

We hope to have a few more groups this fall. The Minnewaska Kindergarteners often make two trips to see us – we look forward to seeing their bright faces in the fall and again in the spring when most of the other groups come to visit. Local Girl Scouts working on their American Indian Heritage badge will be coming soon as well.

To arrange a tour, simply call the museum at 320-634-3293.

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