Newsletter for September 2011

PLEASE ATTEND THE ANNUAL MEETING:  Saturday, September 17, 1pm


At first glance it looked like the Museum property weathered the August 1 storm fairly well.  The high water in the parking area drained away, the large ash tree fell along a sidewalk and the pine tree was just tall enough for the top needles to brush the 1866 log courthouse as it fell.  The most serious damage was to the main museum building.  The northeast corner of the roof was peeled back and the wind lifted the masonry leaving cracks all the way through the wall.  The heavy rains let water leak into the building and run down the inside of the wall.

Repairs will require rebuilding the blocks and bricks in that corner and re-roofing the whole building.  Four exhibits, the corner exhibit of forge and woodworking tools, the farm site model, the tack shop, and the church exhibit, will have to be dismantled and all artifacts moved to safe, temporary locations.

Contractor bids for the work are estimated in the $100,000. range.  Insurance will cover some of the costs but member support is essential to complete the repairs before winter.  Plan to attend the Annual Meeting on September 17 for more details on repair and fund drive plan.


Glenwood Fire Department Featured in New Exhibit

“Words cannot describe the feeling of intense relief at the arrival of the firemen in response to a call.”

The history of the Glenwood Hose Company, also known as the Glenwood Fire Department is the subject of a new exhibit in the museum lobby.  With inspiration and yeoman’s research of Steve Nestor, the exhibit debuted in part in July at Eagle Bank with a feature on Fire Chiefs through the years.  A full exhibit on the Glenwood Fire Department is now open at the museum.  It includes profiles of each of the fire chiefs since 1883, a timeline of major fires and artifacts from the collection related to the fire department.

Having a son and two nephews serving in the fire company inspired Steve Nestor to look into the history of community fire protection.  To his surprise, he found that his Great Grandfather, Michael Benson, was one of the ten young men who stepped forward in 1883 to found the Glenwood Hose Company.  This only added more emotion and initiative to the research.

Mr. Nestor will present a program to close Fire Prevention week.  Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 15 at 2pm.


“Used Art Sale” Successful

The spring fundraiser sale of “used” art was a fun event.  It attracted some excellent work by local artists as well as fine art prints by the world’s great artists.  It also attracted a good number of bidders resulting in proceeds from the event of over $1600!  Members and friends were asked to contribute unused or unwanted artwork to a fundraising sale.  The lots ranged from travel posters to large original paintings and even sculpture.  It was an impressive show of art and support for the museum.  There is already talk of doing another used art sale, so check your attic, look under the bed, and keep the museum in mind as you change up the artwork in your home.

We extend hearty thanks to art contributors:  Wayne & Char Zimmerman, Ruth Gremmels,

Jim & Sandy Nelson, Lois Maher, Bob Robards, Pat Dalager, Dave Cooley, Gloria Sieben, Leif Hendricksen, Merle & Bonnie Wagner, Bonnie Stock, Peggy Hoffarth, Marian Stradtman, Jon & Helen Stafsholt, Ann Grandy, Doug Magnus, Pam Lindquist, Randy Pederson, Richard & Dorothy Vold, Corbin Corson and Nory McNellis.


Menze Completes Three Year Internship

Katarina Menze, Starbuck, began work at PCHS as a summer CEP program employee in 2009.  She continued to participate in the CEP program after school and summers until August 27.  During her time with us, Katarina has scanned a fair part of our photo collection and learned to manage a growing database of PCHS images.  She has prepared several of our Minnesota Digital Library projects now posted on the world wide web.  In addition, Katarina has helped with exhibit preparation, artifact conservation, family research and general museum operations.  She plans to study English and Deaf Studies at the University of Minnesota, Duluth beginning in September.


Collection Committee Members Guide Acquisition Process

Looking for a way to get involved in the museum but don’t have a lot of time?

New members are being sought for the Collection Committee. The Collection Committee is a team of Historical Society members that meet for one hour every couple of months to consider new donations. You do not need to be an expert in antiques, just a person who is interested in making our Museum collection as complete and relevant as possible. Current members include: Dave Cooley, Todd Gylsen, Arne Pederson, Peggy Metz, Carol Cheeseman, Eric Westberg and Ann Grandy. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact Ann at the museum.

What does the Collection Committee do?

When a family has an item they think belongs in the museum, they drop it off, or bring in a photo and description of the item. Museum staff then compares that item to the rest of the collection to see if we have something similar in the collection already. The item is then brought before the collection committee where we consider the item’s historical value, its ties to Pope County, its condition and whether the Historical Society can adequately care for it, and compare it to other similar items in the collection. The Collection Committee has the final say on whether or not an item is accepted into the collection. Items declined by the committee are returned to the donor.

When there are duplicate items in the museum, or items in poor condition, the Collection Committee recommends to the Board of Directors that the item be removed from the collection. The Board of Directors makes the final decision on removal – an action that is not taken lightly. Collection Policy dictates what is done with the removed item. The Pope County Historical Society Collection Policy is available for review in the museum office to anyone who is interested.

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