Lemons to Lemonade

Well, it looks like the wind damage to our wall and roof is probably going to require rebuilding that corner of the building. So we will have to dismantle 4 exhibits and move all the artifacts to safe, temporary locations. *SIGH*

Tool exhibit in disarray

BUT – that means we have a wonderful opportunity to redesign several exhibits. I am especially excited to fix up the corner space. Before the roof leak it held “Miscellaneous Man Stuff” – jig saws, a blacksmith’s forge, a huge turning lathe, ice harvesting equipment, fine wood working tools, a workbench, large saws, axes, small farm equipment and even some automotive tools.  Updating the exhibit has been on the to-do list for a long time, but other projects had higher priority. Now that we HAVE to move it all, we can make careful selections about what goes back in to that area.

Tool Wall

I have a few ideas, but if you had control of a large open space in museum, what would you put there? What would YOU like to see?

Farm Site Model

The other exhibits that will have to be removed (at least temporarily) for the repairs include the farm site model, the tack shop, and the church. We can change, move, redo or completely remove these exhibits too, so there are lots of possibilities.

If you have suggestions or ideas, we would love to hear them. You can comment on this post, send us an e-mail at popecountymuseum (at) gmail.com or stop in to visit and get inspired.

Church Exhibit

Tack Shop Exhibit

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