Storms again!

Yesterday morning Pope County was hit by storms again!

Glenwood was hit with straight-line winds and about 4″ of rain in less than an hour. There are trees down everywhere.

Here at the museum, we lost several trees, but thankfully, they missed all the buildings. Part of our roof blew off in the wind, and loosened the bricks in the process. Merlin & Ann moved all the artifacts from that corner of the building, so nothing was damaged inside.

Today we did more adjusting  and in that corner. It was much easier today – it was awfully dark in the museum yesterday when the power was out. Gently moving heavy and sharp objects in wet areas lit only by flashlight was interesting to say the least.

But (as all our friends and neighbors are saying) it certainly could have been worse. As far as we know, no one was hurt in the storm and the trees all missed the historic buildings. Everything can be cleaned up and fixed.

Part of our roof peeled back

When the roof blew off, it pulled the bricks loose.

Hastily cleared out exhibit

Brick and water damage inside

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1 Response to Storms again!

  1. Bob Greenfield says:

    What a shame! Thank goodness nothing more was damaged. You guys take such good care of the museum and the artifacts. I’m proud this is in Pope County.

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