Wet Morning

It rained this morning.

This may be the biggest understatement of the week. It POURED, it GUSHED, it overwhelmed all the storm drains. I have no idea what the official rainfall totals are yet – but we got several inches at least.

Here at the Pope County Museum. The buildings are dry (thankfully), but the parking lot and grounds are very wet. I ran home to get my rubber boots and Merlin waded in barefoot.

So – We are here and ready to receive any visitors brave enough to wade through the water to get here.

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2 Responses to Wet Morning

  1. Mary Warner says:

    Does it surprise me that Merlin waded in barefoot? Nope.

    Cute boots, Ann! I want a pair.

    • Ann says:

      The boots are from Fleet Farm. They have been really handy this year with all the wet weather we have had. 🙂

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