Open House a Success

Response to the new Military Exhibit has been overwhelming. We had over 150 visitors on Wednesday for the open house and another 420 visitors Thursday through Saturday! That is almost 600 visitors in 4 days! It is great to have so many visitors!

My favorite part has been seeing people point at the photos and listening to the comments.

“Look – there’s Daddy (or Grandpa, or Grandma, or …).”

“Wasn’t he handsome?”

“I remember him. We went to school together.”

We have also been receiving more photos to add at our next update. I have 24 so far! Keep them coming and we’ll do another update soon.

This exhibit (as well as the rest of the museum) is open 10-5 Tuesday through Saturday.  Stop in for a visit.

Admission is “free will donation” all summer.

This exhibit was made possible with financial contributions from the Gladys Ness Brang Foundation, Runestone Electric, Glenwood American Legion, Lowry American Legion, and Bob & Flo Robards.

The exhibit was put together by the following staff and volunteers:

Volunteers: Jack Demorret, Phyllis Sorensen, Margaret Claeson, Todd Gylsen, David Cooley, Jim Mason, Chris Nelson, Katarina Menze, Pat Dalager, Howard Opdahl, Gloria Sieben, Steve Nestor, and David Lent

Museum Staff: Merlin Peterson, Ann Grandy and Jackie Gartner

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1 Response to Open House a Success

  1. Todd Guggisberg says:

    Great Job! Thanks to Ann, the staff and volunteers for putting this together. Well done.

    Todd Guggisberg

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